An Added Word: Hot dogs, popcorn and baseball season



Addie Smith | Sports Editor

Now, it is almost March and one of my favorite times of the year is quickly approaching. Spring is coming, along with hot dogs and denim shorts and outdoor concerts. Better yet it’s almost baseball season, and this one should be an interesting one.
We’ll see how New York Yankee Derek Jeter comes back off of his injury to serve his team. We’ll see if the Pittsburgh Pirates can hold onto a winning record long enough to become boys of October. We’ll see if Detroit Tiger and American League MVP Miguel Cabrera will win another Triple Crown by the impressive margins he did this past season. We’ll see if Los Angeles Angel Mike Trout will suffer a sophomore slump, or be just as incredible this coming season.
With rumors of performance enhancing drugs circling around most major sports leagues we’ll see how the MLB will respond to PEDs being talked about from all angles. We’ll see if offseason trades and acquisitions will help or hurt teams. We’ll see if the Boston Red Sox can rebound from a terrible season. We’ll see if the San Francisco Giants have what it takes to win the World Series again and if the Detroit Tigers can win the AL again. Maybe it will be time for new blood and if the Nationals’ treacherous postseason play will be put behind them.
There are so many storylines to follow this season, you don’t have to pay attention to all of them to know that this is going to be an interesting season.
Even if the story lines don’t get you excited for baseball season, the thought of jean shorts and baseball jerseys should. With baseball season around the corner comes the sweet sounds of summer and warmth.
For now, just enjoy the remainder of spring training with the baseball season on the horizon, and if you can’t survive on only spring training, college baseball season is officially in full swing and the University of Pittsburgh baseball field is a short bus ride away.
Don’t forget to support the minor league and college league teams as well. If you love the sport, you’ll love it wherever. No matter who you support, get ready because one of the greatest times of the year is almost here. Pull out your jerseys and get ready to don your baseball caps, it’s spring training and it will only be a matter of time before the boys of summer return.