Assumption Hall

IMG_0277Year Built: 1954
Price: $3,206
Capacity: 230 residents
Years Allowed: freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors
Room Types: singles, doubles
Laundry Facilities: on ground floor
Bathroom Facilities: communal, one in each wing
What’s New: Windows replaced, new flooring, paint, lighting and thermostats in all rooms

Real thoughts from real students:

“I like the room sizes, I feel like they’re bigger than the other buildings, but I wish the bathrooms were newer.” — Kate Decastro, Freshman

“One thing I do hate is the bathrooms, but I saw the new plans and they look like they’re going to be really nice.” — Aaliyah Tinsley, Freshman

IMG_0205“What I don’t like about Assumption is that we don’t have a computer lab. It would be nice if we had one like Towers and Martin’s do.” — Brynn Roman, Freshman

“I like that it’s not a huge building, you don’t have to wait for elevators like towers.” — Kiah Lynch, Freshman

“I think it’s a really great first dorm but the bathrooms are really gross and the walls are really thin.” — Camila Botto, Freshman

“We have a really bad condensation problem so my wall gets slimy sometimes.” — Jessica Semick, Freshman