Vickroy Hall

DSC_0008Year Built: 1997
Price: $3,365
Capacity: 283 residents
Years Allowed: juniors, seniors, grad and law
Room Types: doubles organized in two-room suite-style
Laundry Facilities: on each floor
Bathroom Facilities: one per suite
What’s New: All furniture and carpeting replaced in 2015, new kitchen on first floor

Real thoughts from real students:

“My favorite thing about living in Vickroy is that the rooms are painted. Last year my room was blue, and this year my room is tan, and it’s just really nice because it makes the room more homey, as opposed to having, like, cinder block walls.” — Kate Kratzenberg, Junior

DSC_0006“The kitchen is pretty good now. You don’t have to fight anyone for laundry, and it’s just good to be close to class.” —  Anthony Roufos, Junior

“My top favorite thing about living in Vickroy is obviously the access to a kitchen … There are lots of other pluses, this is probably my favorite building.” — Christopher Foye, Senior

“The showers are a little iffy sometimes. The water doesn’t always turn off, so you have to be careful with keeping your showers clean and everything cause it’s kinda easier for mold to develop if you don’t keep them clean, if you’re not careful about it.” — Kate Kratzenberg, Junior