Borne says bye: sports editor ready for next step

By Griffin Sendek | Photo Editor


By David Borne | Sports Editor 

When I first got to Pittsburgh four years ago, I don’t think I ever expected to fall in love with this place the way that I have.

I didn’t know much about the city before I moved here. I knew about all the bridges, and was aware that it rained a lot. That’s about it.

But out of the countless number of things that I’ve learned at Duquesne, the biggest is that Pittsburgh is a special place filled with great people.

I’ve spent the last four years trying to find my way in the world of sports media. The opportunities Duquesne has presented me with have set me on the right path.

I enjoyed three years of calling soccer, volleyball and lacrosse games on ESPN+ with my broadcast partner, Drew White. Former sports editor Adam Lindner and I worked press conferences with some of the biggest stars in college basketball during the 2018 NCAA Tournament.

On top of that, I had the chance to spend a full season working with both Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC and Duquesne’s football team.

Finally, I was named sports editor of The Duke for my senior year. Wednesday nights in the newsroom during my time with the paper were always filled with laughter and lots of pizza. The group of editors with me on the staff really are some of the most hilarious and genuine people I’ve ever met.

Moments and memories from all of those are ones I will always be grateful for. Not only for the professional experience, but because they were spent alongside friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Thank you Dave Saba, Liam Halferty, Ryan Gavatorta and Ryan Long for the help you’ve provided. The same goes to all of the student athletes and coaches that I chased down for quotes and interviews over the last few years. Regardless of the result or situation, everybody always treated me respectfully.

To the professors that have done everything they can to help me improve as a professional, specifically Bob Healy, Paula Ward and Maggie Patterson, I will always appreciate your efforts.

Mom and Dad, a simple “thanks” will never quite sum up how appreciative I am of the support that you guys have given me. You’ve allowed me to pursue a dream and have backed my efforts on every step of the way. Plus, the daily phone calls and occasional care packages filled with my favorite snacks meant more than you probably ever realized.

I’m not really sure where this path is going to take me next. Wherever I end up, I know I’ll be in good shape if my time there is even half as amazing as it has been in Pittsburgh.

Attempting to establish myself in this field has been a process. Some nights have been long. Drives and flights to work events around the country have been longer. Luckily, the words of hardwood philosopher Tony Wroten have helped guide me through it.

“Trust the process. Just continue to build.”

I had to slip that line in there somewhere.