Breaking: Duquesne evacuates residence halls in wake of power outage


IMG_1622By Robyn Rudish-Laning | Editor-in-Chief

Duquesne Students were notified via the emergency alert system Thursday that the campus was experiencing a “temporary power outage” affecting three of the campus’s seven residence halls.

Students living in St. Ann’s, St. Martin’s and Assumption Halls were told to evacuate the buildings by 10 p.m. Thursday night. Students who can go home are urged to do so, said Duquesne Police Sgt. Patrick Fields.

“If you’re able to go home, please do so,” Fields said. “If you’re stuck on campus, the Student Union, the [Duquesne] Ballroom and the Power Center are open for sleeping tonight.”

Fields also said that the University will be clearing all three buildings at 10 p.m. and students will not be permitted to enter the buildings after that time.

“We urge students to take everything they could possibly need for the night with them,” Fields added.

An update posted on the University’s website Thursday evening instructed students who need housing for the night to report to the Tower’s Multipurpose Room for further instructions. Students are also reminded to lock their doors and windows when leaving the building.

As of 8:30 p.m. Thursday there was no information available as to what caused the power outage.

In addition to evacuating the three buildings Thursday night, all classes are cancelled for Friday, Feb. 22. University offices will remain open though.