Brendza’s Beat: City and Colour, SXSW, FOB featuring Sir Elton?

By: Zach Brendza|Features Editorbrendza'sbeat

City and Colour new song stream , new album

If I could write a column on just this, I would. I have been to two City and Colour shows and one Alexisonfire (Dallas Green’s band prior to C&C) show. I have a City and Colour AND AOF tattoo.

Yeah, I kind of like Dallas Green. So when I saw the City and Colour Facebook page post a stream to their new song “Of Space and Time,” I was more than a little excited.

The song sounds great. Plain and simple. It wasn’t a letdown, as I had thought pessimistically prior to listening. “Of Space and Time” sounds like a mix of “We Found Each Other In The Dark,” “Little Hell” and possibly “Northern Wind” off his 2011 release Little Hell. His next album, still without a release date, track listing, artwork etc., is set for a summer release. All I can hope for is a combination of Bring Me Your Love and Little Hell, because now with full backing band, Dallas will never put out an album like Bring Me Your Love again. This next album, hopefully, won’t sound as country-esque as some tracks on Little Hell did. But maybe that’s wishful thinking. I don’t know. I’m too excited for this already.


March 8th through March 17th, Austin gets taken over. By interactive art, film and music. We’re talking South by Southwest people. This is not a drill. If there is one festival I want to go to, it’s this. Although differing in length from the likes of Bonnaroo, Sasquatch etc.’s of the summer, SXSW is utter and absolute madness. I could list a few bands, but then I would run out of room in this entire section, not this column. The entire section. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Vampire Weekend,, plus around a thousand more. Literally. The musical lineup is like a baby Bonnaroo, bands before they hit Bonnaroo status, along with seasoned vets. Moral of the story, this is exciting. I’m keeping up to date. You should too.

Elton John on new Fall Out Boy album?

A few weeks backs I talked about how Fall Out Boy was reuniting, were putting out a new album, touring blah blah blah. It feels like overkill, to me, to bring them up again in this column. But Elton John might be a guest spot on their new album. Now that’s newsworthy. Bassist Pete Wentz had wrote on his website saying how “diverse” the guests spot on their new album Save Rock and Roll would be, also mentioning pasts guests spots Jay-Z, John Mayer, Lil Wayne Elvis Costello among others. Then vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump posted a picture on Twitter of himself and Elton John in the studio with the hashtags “#saverockandroll” and “#sireltonjohn.” From the looks of it, it seems like this is happening. That’s wild.

What’s Out This Week:

Biffy Clyro – Opposites
David Bowie – The Next Day
Eric Clapton – Old Sock
Off With Their Heads – Home
Shooter Jennings – The Other Life

On the horizon:

3/20 – They Might Be Giants w/ Moon Hooch @ Mr. Small’s

Just announced:

5/12 – Relient K w/ Hellogoodbye, William Beckett and Mike Mains and the Branches @ Altar Bar
6/23 – Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson @ Stage AE
7/11 – O.A.R. w/ Andrew McMahon and Allen Stone @ Stage AE