Brottier Hall

housing-brottier-viewYear Built: 1969
Price: $15,540 (full academic year)
Capacity: 660 residents
Years Allowed: juniors, seniors, grad and law
Room Types: studio, one- and two- room apartments
Laundry Facilities: on G-level
Bathroom Facilities: in each unit

Real thoughts from real students:

“It’s nice to not have to worry about cable, internet, electricity, gas and water bills but still live in an ‘apartment.’ Being on campus makes me, and my parents, feel a lot safer, too. While the safety of having strict building policies is nice, it also restricts a lot of freedom, and visiting policies can be annoying. It’s also incredibly expensive.” — McCall Behringer, Junior

housing-brottier-conditions“You can get to classes quickly, you’re close for campus extracurricular activities, there’s a great view. It’s also close to downtown, and everything is included in the price. And you get your own kitchen.” — Noelle Nelson, Junior

“The building is in very poor quality. My heating is sporadic and my bathroom and kitchen are very old. We have a wall of windows that aren’t insulated, so it gets cold in my apartment very easily. There really needs to be some renovations done to the building.” — Mora McLaughlin, Junior

“The building is rather old. The kitchens could definitely use an upgrade.” — Tracy Eckenrode, Senior

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  1. If juniors and seniors are given the option to either live on or off campus, wouldn’t Duquesne want to update and modernize brottier to make it look more appealing to the human eye. It’s easy- update the apartments and more students would stay on campus. Brottier is very expensive.. Why? We are paying for an apartment built in 1969 and that is falling apart.

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