Duquesne Towers

Note: The pictured room predates the full renovations throughout every residential floor that will be finished by Fall of 2016. That said, the sizing of the accommodations will be the same.

Year Built: 1971
Price: $3,113
Capacity: 1,113 residents
Years Allowed: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, grad and law
Room Types: doubles, triples
Laundry Facilities: in each wing
Bathroom Facilities: communal, in each wing

Real thoughts from real students:

“You’ve got the dining hall right there. You’ve got a computer lab inside, that’s pretty convenient. It’s pretty centrally located on campus so everything is relatively close.” — Daniel Campanyo, Senior

“Everything – food, printing, etc. – is in this building, so it’s very convenient. You have access to all floors easily. Rooms are bigger, and each wing has a living area that’s just for the people on that wing, so it’s more private than Ann’s or Martin’s.” — Katie Lipko, Junior

housing-towers-dininghall“We don’t have access to the stairs, so I’ve been late to class multiple times when I have 10 minutes to get to College Hall, but I have to wait 15 minutes for the elevator.” — Matt McCurdy, Sophomore

“I’m tired of walking into my hallway and having people smoking cigarettes on the fire escape.” — Eli Badaczewski, Sophomore

“There’s always a long wait for the elevator, and the cleaning ladies clean while everyone is trying to get ready.” — Katie Lipko, Junior

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