DU to spend $20 million on variety of campus projects

Megan Klinefelter|Staff Photographer
Part of the renovated fourth floor of Rockwell, the rest of the building will be updated.
Megan Klinefelter|Staff Photographer
Part of the renovated fourth floor of Rockwell, the rest of the building will be updated.

Raymond Arke | News Editor


Over the next couple of years, many buildings on campus will be receiving both external and internal upgrades.

At a Feb. 20 Allegheny County Council meeting, a resolution was passed which allowed Duquesne to finance $20 million through the Allegheny County Higher Education Building Authority.

The resolution noted that a large number of the renovations will be to internal mechanical equipment like HVAC, elevators and sprinkler systems. Buildings receiving these upgrades include the Koren Building, Fisher Hall, School of Law, College Hall, Mellon Hall, Rockwell Hall, Liberman Hall, Gumberg Library, St. Ann Hall and the Adminstrative Building.

Rod Dobish, assistant vice president and chief facilities officer, explained that the behind-the-scenes upgrades were much needed.

“Simply … it’s time,” he said. “They’re due for a replacement.

Rockwell will continue to receive renovations of its own, many of which will be noticable.

“This new funding will go toward bathroom upgrades, HVAC improvements and life-safety upgrades,” Dobish said.

Over the summer, Dobish said that the first floor of Rockwell will be the site of a variety of projects, such as “new ADA compliant bathrooms, replacement of all the HVAC systems and new corridor ceilings installed with LED lights, exit signs and emerency-powered egress lighting.”

Assumption Hall, campus’ oldest living learning center, will see the funding go toward finishing the bathroom renovations.

“This summer, Bluff Street wings’ renovations will include ADA compliant bathrooms/shower facilities, a new laundry room on each floor and a new HVAC system,” Dobish said.

The money is also going to projects at St. Ann Hall for “masonry repairs, window and screen/solar shade replacements [and] room upgrades,” among other changes, according to Dobish.

Dobish added that Mellon Hall will undergo further biology and chemistry lab renovations, along with electrical upgrades.

Two of the larger projects are roof replacements for Trinity Hall and the Student Union. The contract for the Union replacement is currently out to bid and Trinty Hall’s will go out at a later date, Dobish said.

He added that most of this work will take place over summer “in order to ensure the least disruption to students, faculty and staff.”

The various projects are expected to be completed in the next five years.