Dukes remain on a hot streak

Marie Jubert | For The Duquesne Duke

Taylor Miles | The Duquesne Duke Freshman Cydney Staton scored her first collegiate goal in the Duquesne women’s soccer team’s 3-1 victory over St. Bonaventure.
Taylor Miles | The Duquesne Duke
Freshman Cydney Staton scored her first collegiate goal in the Duquesne women’s soccer team’s 3-1 victory over St. Bonaventure.

Five pre-match lightning delays weren’t enough to keep the Duquesne women’s soccer team from crushing the St. Bonaventure Bonnies on Oct. 5, in their first A-10 conference match of the season.

The Dukes dominated St. Bonaventure in a significant 3-1 victory, extending their winning streak to four games.

Head coach Al Alvine could not have been more impressed with Saturday’s match.

“The team was fantastic in handling this more intense level of play,” Alvine said. “We dominated the game in every facet. Although we conceded a sloppy goal in the second half, it was a disciplined performance.”

The Dukes’ authority was evidenced by the 19-6 shot ratio, and their ability to maintain possession throughout the game.

However, Saturday’s match truly belonged to the freshmen. Although freshmen Maggie Mayo and Cydney Staton were both a little nervous about the faster, “upped” level of play, they were excited about the challenge. Nonetheless, they rose to the occasion and were able to overcome the physical intensity and the pressure surrounding the match.

Mayo scored the first goal of the game with an assist from fellow freshman Maddie Layman. Layman’s pass to Mayo was seamless, and her header landed in the right side of the net in the 19th minute. Shortly thereafter, freshman Cydney Staton scored her first goal of the season with an assist from Mayo in the 37th minute.

Staton was thrilled to score her first collegiate goal during Duquesne’s opening conference game of the season.

“It was so exciting,” Staton said. “My parents were even here to see it. It had been frustrating going 10 games without scoring a goal, but I’m so glad that it was this game.”

In the second half of the game, Duquesne gained a 3-0 lead over St. Bonaventure due to a goal by freshman A.J. Baroffino, also assisted by Layman. Baroffino received Layman’s pass on the left side, and scored from five yards, (52:00). However, St. Bonaventure answered with a goal that was chipped over the goalkeeper, (55:46). Duquesne was able to prevent the Bonnies from scoring again for the remainder of the game in order to secure the win.

Upon completion of Saturday’s match, Maggie Mayo was named the A-10 Co-Rookie of the Week due to her notable assist and goal. She has enjoyed being a part of Duquesne’s team so far.

“I love all of the girls,” Mayo said. “They have helped with my transition to college.” Mayo’s recent recognition has surely sweetened the experience for her.

In each of Duquesne’s last three games, the team has scored three goals.

Alvine was impressed by the talent the freshmen showed throughout the game.

“Three goals by three freshmen,” Alvine said. “I couldn’t ask for more than that considering that scoring goals was our biggest problem early in the season.”

Alvine said that overcoming this initial hurdle could be an indicator of future success within the A-10.

“Tonight we played a desperate team who is now 0-2 within the conference,” he said. “We imposed our physical will with quality.”

Next, the team will travel to play St. Louis on Oct. 11 at 5:00pm. The Dukes are seeking to extend their winning streak to five games, and they hope to add another win to their A-10 record.