Duquesne choirs ‘Sing Gently’ through pandemic

Courtesy of Caron Daley | Duquesne choir students at their Feb. 15 concert at the Carnegie Music Hall. Join their musical journey at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on Saturday.

by Isabella Abbott | staff writer

April 21, 2022

After a challenging year of restricted performances, Duquesne’s choirs will be back in action on Saturday, April 23, where students will be performing joyful music during their “Sing Gently” concert at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral at 7:30 p.m. Those involved will be from Duquesne’s two choirs — Voices of Spirit and Pappert Chorale.

Caron Daley, director of choral activities, said she’s “ecstatic” about the upcoming concert;.Since most of her students haven’t had a standard performance in a while, Daley said they are ready to entertain once again.

“We’ve had a wonderful opportunity to be able to sing in person this year and enjoy singing in groups again,” Daley said. “I’m excited to celebrate the students’ achievements, their successes and their progress as singers and musicians throughout the year.”

“Sing Gently,” composed by Eric Whitacre and performed by Virtual Choir 6, is a song that was featured in a 2020 virtual performance, debuting 17,562 different singers from 129 countries. The piece was written during the pandemic to convey its effects on music and society globally. Drawing inspiration from this piece, the theme of Duquesne’s concert will encase all the excitement of returning to normalcy for choirs, according to Daley.

“We are celebrating our return to singing with a lot of music that is uplifting, joyful, light and airy,” Daley said.

Since the choir has had all year to practice together, Daley said the students are very comfortable performing with one another, making this concert a “can’t miss’’ event.

“Usually the choir is at its absolute finest in April,” Daley said. “We’ve had an entire year together to practice and learn, so everyone’s singing at a really high level.”

Along with their director, the students are thrilled to be able to enlighten audiences’ ears again, especially Voices of Spirit alto Natalie St. Hill.

“I’m most excited to sing without a mask and experience the full sound of the ensemble at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral,” St. Hill said. “It’s going to be a great evening filled with wonderful music.”

The concert is mask-optional for performers and concert-goer alike. Duquesne students can attend for free and non-Duquesne students can pay $10 at the door for entry. Audience members can enter the building on 328 Sixth Ave.