Duquesne Towers

Year Built: 1971
Price: $3,329
Capacity: 1,113 residents
Years Allowed: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, grad and law
Room Types: doubles, triples, wings
Laundry Facilities: in each wing
Bathroom Facilities: communal, in each wing
What’s New: Renovations completed in 2016 of all rooms, bathrooms and furniture

Real thoughts from real students:

“The free laundry is a major key. People downplay how lucky we are to be able to have fresh-smelling linens for absolutely no cost. I get that they’re trying to be sustainable, but not being provided with paper towels in the bathrooms really sucks.” — Darius Short, Sophomore

“It’s really nice to have so many amenities attached to the building, like Hogan Dining Center, the Campus Market and a computer lab. It’s great to not have to go outside. I also feel like the majority of people live in Towers, so it’s nice socially. The bathrooms are really small for the amount of people that we share them with, and the elevator situation is awful.” — Brianne Reinhart, Sophomore

“I really love being able to go downstairs and be right at Hogan Dining Center and the Market. I hate not having paper towels in the bathroom, and the bathroom’s get really stuffy too, since there’s a major lack of airflow.” — Miguel Borja, Sophomore