Assumption Hall

Year Built: 1954
Price: $3,329
Capacity: about 300 residents
Years Allowed: freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors
Room Types: singles, doubles
Laundry Facilities: on ground floor
Bathroom Facilities: communal, one in each wing
What’s New: Windows replaced, new flooring, paint, lighting and thermostats in all rooms. Bathrooms on the Stevenson Street side remodeled, and laundry moved to every floor on that side

Real thoughts from real students:

“I’d say the thing I like most is being in close proximity to a lot of other Honors students and students in my major. We’re able to work on homework and projects together, as well as hang out. The thing I dislike the most is probably the cockroaches, to be honest.” — Amy Cook, freshman

“I like that the building is nice and small in size. The room size is good, along with large lounges. I wish there was a ground-floor lounge, but other than that, it’s a good building.” — Suzzie Gaines, freshman

“I like the size of the building and love the size of my room. Assumption is very spacious, and the lounges are nice, large places to hang out. It’s also cool that there’s a large laundry room on the ground floor. I wish the sub-level lounge was a little bigger.” — Kaylee White, freshman