What to expect from the Trump administration in 2018

By Shivani Gosai | Opinions Editor


The new year may bring a load of changes, some good and bad. November of 2016 began a landslide of outrageous events following the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Countless ups and downs have lead to a dizzying year, with plenty more to come. I think most of us can agree that we’re a bit skeptical about the future of our country.

Before we get to the impending future of our government, here is a brief recap of some of Trump’s most memorable moments during his first year in office:

Following the Charlottesville rally in August, Trump called neo-nazis “very fine people.”
Tried to ban transgender troops from the military.
Demonized the press and threatened to jeopardize the first amendment.
Threatened nuclear war during his first U.N. speech.
Threatened nuclear war on Twitter.
Endorsed a child molester.
Attacked the FBI for not personally supporting him.
Threw out environmental regulations implemented under the Obama administration to fight climate change.

What a year it has been. To add to the fun, here are some things to expect this upcoming year:

Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation is still being conducted. The former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign policy adviser George Papadopoulos have plead guilty to lying to the FBI. According to the NY Times, Robert S. Mueller III, told President Trump’s lawyers last month that they are working to interview the president soon.

The upcoming Midterm elections in November are also something to look forward to.
Democrats need only 24 seats to flip the House and two to take the Senate. Previously being mainly Republican-run, this party flip could really shake things up. Trump tweeted on Dec. 22 he’d be willing to work with Democrats in 2018, “for the good of the country,” so fingers crossed he will stick to his words.

On Jan. 30, Trump will address Congress during his first official State of the Union. The address is a time for presidents to discuss their accomplishments and future goals. Prepare to hear about his success as a “very stable genius.”

The address may very well be coopted into a fight against sexual misconduct, with multiple news organizations reporting that female lawmakers are planning to wear black as a way to show solidarity with women who have faced sexual assault.

Congress was given 60 days to make decisions regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), an international pact to keep Iran’s nuclear program under control, after Trump refused to heed any leadership. The deadline to reimpose sanctions is at the end of January.

One of the biggest situations this year that has yet to be resolved is the impending government shutdown. Congress has until Jan. 19 to pass a spending bill that will either fund the government for a few months or till the next year. The main issue is that Congress needs to come to resolutions on matters such as spending limits, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), disaster aid for hurricanes and wildfires, the Children’s Health Insurance program (CHIP), and the ridiculous wall Trump would like to build between Mexico and the United States. Coming to an agreement on these topics is difficult for both parties, and with the deadline coming up so quickly we may have to endure a government shutdown.

However bad things may seem (or have been), I still have hope for the future. It’s hope that powers volunteers and advocates. They are strengthened by hope to speak out for what they believe in, or what they disagree with. Change will be made in the future, for better or worse, but that won’t stop the American people from working toward what is right. Let’s continue to make a better 2018 for all citizens, and push for our government to do the same.

I hope in 2018 that Trump will get a reign on his leadership skills, continuous lying and his unexplainable want to push the nuclear war button on his desk. I also hope that someone in the White House will finally decide that it is in everyones best interest to delete Trump’s Twitter account.

2017 was quite the whirlwind, so whatever may happen in 2018 may hardly be a shock.

Will Trump be impeached?

Will the world engage in nuclear warfare resulting in apocalyptic ruin?

Will America finally become great again?

Stay tuned, citizens!