Expert NFL Predictions from The Duke’s Staff: Week 13

Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times
seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin catches a pass from quarterback Russell Wilson for a touchdown in the third quarter of the Nov. 20, 2016, game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Duke staff took last week off from predicting Sunday Night Football to spend time with family and friends over Thanksgiving break, but they’re back and ready for their final matchup as the semester slowly comes to an end.

Since no predictions were made for the Steelers/Packers game, and it’s the holiday season, the staff collectively agreed to give everyone a win for the week — we all know the Steelers would have gotten the majority vote anyway.

News Editor Raymond Arke keeps his lead at 9-2, while Sports Editor Adam Lindner and Asst. Photo Editor Bryanna McDermott remain tied for second with 7-4 records.

Last up for The Duke staff is the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Seattle Seahawks in Sunday Night Football. Check out the staff’s expert — and not-so-expert — predictions for the game.

How will the Duke staff fare after Week 13 of NFL play?

Don’t forget to check in next week to see the final results of the staff’s football-predicting frenzy.


Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles (10-1-0) vs. Seattle Seahawks (7-4-0)

Raymond Arke 9-2  (News Editor): Eagles

“I think that an eagle could probably beat a seahawk in a fight.”

Leah Devorak 4-7 (Editor-In-Chief): Seahawks

“I’ve always like them and their colors, so I think they will beat Philadelphia who is just gross.”

Shivani Gosai 6-5 (Opinions Editor): Eagles

“I’m friends with an eagle named Apollo in Animal Crossing. He gives me free stuff if I build him a couch.”

Zach Landau 6-5 (A&E Editor): Eagles

“I have family in Philly now, and I gotta support them.”

Ollie Gratzinger 6-5 (Features Editor): Eagles

“I once bought a shirt from American Eagle, and I really like that shirt. There’s no American Seahawk.”

Hallie Lauer 4-7 (Layout Editor):

Adam Lindner 7-4 (Sports Editor): Seattle

“I don’t have an explanation. Just make something up.”

Kailey Love 6-5 (Photo Editor): Eagles

“We just looked at pictures of seahawks, and they look concerned all the time. No one would be pick that as a winner.”

Bryanna McDermott 7-4 (Asst. Photo Editor): Eagles

“I have a personal vendetta against Philly — the Santa Clause issue, Danny Briere being offsides in 2012, etc. — but the Eagles are 10-1, I have to go against my moral judgement.”

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