Expert NFL Predictions from The Duke’s Staff: Week 3

On Sunday, Sept. 17, the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Green Bay Packers 34-23 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Falcons receiver Julio Jones racked up 108 receiving yards and quarterback Matt Ryan threw for 252 yards, leading four Duke editors to victory in their Week 2 predictions.

The Sunday Night Football game for Week 3 pits the Oakland Raiders against the Washington Redskins, so check below for the staff’s expert — and some not-so-expert — predictions for the matchup.

Which editors will take the lead after Week 3 of NFL play?

Don’t forget to check in each week to see how the editors are faring in this football-prediction frenzy.

Week 3: Oakland Raiders (2-0-0) vs Washington Redskins (1-1-0)

Raymond Arke 1-0 (News Editor): Redskins

“Kirk Cousins is GIF-worthy.”

Leah Devorak 0-1 (Editor-in-Chief): Raiders 

“I feel like they could win, and the Redskins sound like they suck right now.”

Shivani Gosai 1-0 (Opinions Editor): Redskins

“When I heard Redskins, I thought of potatoes, and I like potatoes.”

Zach Landau 1-0 (A&E Editor): Raiders

“Of the two of them, [Raiders] is the most culturally-sensitive name.”

Ollie Gratzinger 0-1 (Features Editor): Raiders

“Their name has never been controversial. Political correctness always triumphs.”

Hallie Lauer 0-1 (Layout Editor): Raiders

“I think I saw a movie with the Raiders in it, and I really liked that movie. I think it was Silver Linings Playbook.”
(Editor’s note: In Silver Linings Playbook, the Philadelphia Eagles is the team that Robert Di Niro’s character Patrizio, Sr. bets on throughout the film … not the Oakland Raiders.)

Adam Lindner 1-0 (Sports Editor): Raiders

“I think Derek Carr and the Raiders’ receiving corps will light up Washington’s secondary.”

Kailey Love 0-1 (Photo Editor): Raiders

“They sound more menacing.”

Bryanna McDermott 0-1 (Asst. Photo Editor): Raiders

“I just have a feeling.”