Women’s fall fashion 2017

Ollie Gratzinger | Features Editor Opinions Editor Shivani Gosai models the classic cardigan over a button-down shirt. It’s a cozy, casual look with a formal flair.

Jamie Crow & Madeline Bartos | Staff Writers


Fall is here, and while the weather might not be on track with our excitement for everything apple and pumpkin flavored, it’s time to start thinking about fall fashion. This year, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pieces to style for layering and comfort, with an emphasis on comfort. Now you can roll out of bed and into an equally cozy outfit.


Nothing embodies the idea of comfort more than a blanket. We’ve all gotten to that point in the semester where we wish we could just roll out of bed, wrap ourselves in a blanket and head off to class. Now, we can! Well, sort of.

Glorified blankets have come into style, being marketed as kimonos, ponchos and shawls, and while they might look like a piece of high fashion, in reality, they’re just a piece of fabric usually with some fringe attached. They come in a variety of patterns, from plaid to floral to basic color blocks, and they can be styled a number of ways.

The best part about wearing glorified blankets is that they allow you to stylishly layer while remaining comfortable. Slip one of them on over your shoulders, style it with a basic top, leggings and a pair of boots, and you’re ready to go. Of course, the option still stands to just take your blanket from your bed and wear it to class. Go ahead, we won’t judge.


Ollie Gratzinger | Features Editor
Opinions Editor Shivani Gosai models the classic cardigan over a button-down shirt. It’s a cozy, casual look with a formal flair.

The beginning of fall is one of the most confusing times of the year, and trying to pick out an outfit when it’s 50 degrees in the morning and 80 in the afternoon is a huge challenge. That’s where layering comes in, and one of the most versatile options for layering is the classic cardigan.

Cardigans have come a long way since their creation. Supposedly, cardigans are modeled after waistcoats that were worn by the British during the Crimean War. Their popularity steadily increased until Mr. Rogers made them his staple on his TV show. Arguably, it was Mr. Rogers who brought cardigans to the forefront of fall fashion, and when he asked us all to be his neighbor, we slipped on cardigans, as well.

While the classic style of cardigan has buttons on it and a v-neck style, cardigans have become more versatile and their styles more wide-ranging. From chunky cable knits with pockets to more lightweight and flowy options, the cardigan has had some major transformations. One thing is for sure, though: This fall staple is here to stay.


When it’s Frozen inside, but Moana outside, plaid flannels are your friends. You don’t have much to pick from in the pattern department, but layered under a vest or sweater, over a tee or around your waist, flannels make good layering pieces you can throw on when the weather inside is colder than out.

If you want to feel like you’re snuggled up in a fleece blanket, L.L. Bean is the perfect place to look. According to their website, their fleece flannels are “meticulously crafted with premium Portuguese flannel for extra softness and long-lasting warmth.”

Of course, premium Portuguese flannel isn’t cheap. If a high price tag for “extra softness” and “long-lasting warmth” makes you think twice, a trip to Goodwill could get you 10 flannels instead of one, and you may even be able to snag a hand-me-down L.L. Bean shirt while you’re at it. You’ll have to act fast though, as there are several other college students out prepping for a long Pittsburgh winter.


Ollie Gratzinger | Features Editor
For those cold mornings that become hot days, layer up! Shorts or skirts with a sweater is as fashionable as it is comfortable. Add a scarf for emphasis, too.

It turns out that the Jenners and Hadids of the world aren’t much different than Duquesne students; they favor sweatpants over jeans, too. Thanks to the rise of athleisure, it’s now trendy to walk out in public wearing sweats. Rolling out of bed and heading to class in your pajamas is suddenly a little less embarrassing.

The sweatpants from your high school sports days may be comfy, but now brands like Nike and Athleta are creating sweats, or joggers, with a little more shape. While they may be more fitted than average baggy sweatpants, some joggers are lined with fleece to combine comfort with warmth.

Add a structured jacket, like leather moto or denim, and the look goes from slightly sloppy to super stylish. Better yet, shoot for the comfort trifecta with sweats, an oversized sweater and some sneakers. If the Jenners can rock that in Malibu, you can rock it on the Bluff, too.


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