Fantasy Sports Edge: A look at Week 5

Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images | Nyheim Hines is poised for a breakout week in fantasy football, and is worth adding in all formats.
Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images | Nyheim Hines is poised for a breakout week in fantasy football, and is worth adding in all formats.

Jason Mignanelli | Staff Writer

Don’t get me wrong, I fully expected to take criticism when I began attaching my name to fantasy football advice. I knew that one day I would tell you to sit a player and then that player would explode. I knew that when that day occurred I would simply have to apologize and defend myself, just like all the “experts” on ESPN do. I just didn’t think that, that day would come so soon. 

In my defense, I was not overly aggressive on the Jordan Howard article last week. First of all, if you are unaware, Jordan Howard exploded this week for three touchdowns. He was also listed on my “Money Takers” section as someone to avoid. 

However, I did not trash Jordan Howard in my article. I more or less trashed the Eagles for not playing him enough and not giving him consistent carries to succeed. Either way, if you listened to me and you sat Jordan Howard, you have a right to be ticked off and for that, I am sorry. It will not happen again. 

Who am I kidding? It will happen again and all I can do is try to support my claims with the facts that I have in front of me. It is up to you to click “bench.” 

Although, maybe you remember that explained how Daniel Jones was being way too overhyped. If you avoided Daniel Jones, like I mentioned, then maybe you were able to salvage your fantasy weekend. I also mentioned adding a guy named Wayne Gallman. He didn’t look too shabby last weekend either, so hopefully, I did help you a little bit. 

Unfortunately for me, I took my first loss this week. I had Russel Wilson and Tyler Lockett who did absolutely nothing against the Cardinals, because they didn’t have too. The Seahawks got out to an early lead and ran the ball the rest of the day. Great news for Chris Carson owners, he redeemed himself this week. 

Though, the most impressive to me was the weekend that “Famous” Jameis Winston had. Those four touchdowns and 385 yards passing were incredible. Even more so is the fact that he threw for 380 yards last week with three touchdowns. Is Jameis Winston becoming a “must start”? I need to see him do it this week at New Orleans. If he shreds that nasty New Orleans defense that just made the Dallas Cowboys look like Seneca Valley High School, then I’ll say Jameis is a “must start.”


Week 5 Money Makers and Money Takers 

Money Makers 

1) Nyheim Hines, RB, Indianapolis Colts 

The waiver wire isn’t exactly exciting this week. I am looking at Nyheim Hines here simply because Marlon Mack is banged up. Although, it does look as though Mack will play, you never know what will transpire this week in practice. Mack definitely left the game with an injury so if he were to miss any time the backfield would be a split between Jordan Wilkins and Hines. Hines would probably see a larger portion of the work. Additionally, he has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. 

2) Cole Beasley, WR, Buffalo Bills 

Little Cole Beasley is back at it again. Last year he was a borderline usable wide receiver when he was with the Cowboys and now he is becoming even more consistent with the Buffalo Bills. Cole Beasley has had at least 10 points in the last three weeks. He isn’t going to win your league but he is a solid fill in on bye weeks. 

Money Takers 

1) JuJu Smith Schuster, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers 

JuJu makes this list simply because of where he was drafted in most leagues. JuJu went as high as the back end of the first round in some fantasy drafts. Everyone thought this would be a breakout year for him. 

Undoubtedly, he has not been a complete bust but watching the Steelers employ that wildcat offense last night really has me concerned for JuJu owners moving forward. If the Steelers continue to use the wildcat as much as they did last night, the receiver could be rendered virtually unusable. 

Unusable may be a bit harsh, but if you drafted Ju Ju in the first round of your draft then you are probably very disappointed so far. 

2) Corey Davis and A.J. Brown, WR’s, Tennessee Titans 

These two wide receivers on the same team combined for nearly 41 points of fantasy production this weekend. Right now, it is probably very tempting to run to the waiver wire and place a claim for either one of these guys. More than likely, one, or both, of these guys are still available in your leagues.

“Not so fast,” in the famous words of Lee Corso.

Marcus Mariota, the guy throwing them the ball, has nearly been benched this year. His performance is up and down like the new roller coaster ride at Kennywood Park. If you trust him to consistently throw the ball like he did this past weekend, then you are asking for fantasy football let downs. Not to mention, this guy named Delanie Walker, who normally owns a majority of the target shares, he barely had any impact at all this week. Moving forward, it is more likely that Delanie Walker will have bigger weeks than Corey Davis and or A.J. Brown repeating this week’s performance. 

By the way, if I had to choose one of these guys, it would be A.J. Brown. I can see him becoming a beast in this league, just not this season.