First Year Expectations

By: Duke Staff

Pop Quiz: Are you wearing your lanyard as you read this? Have you “shaken your booty” in the last hour? Are you still going to Incline through the main entrance of the Union?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions then congratulations, you’re a freshman at Duquesne University. Your mom took you to Target to get that matching lamp, rug, bed set and enough boxes of instant ramen to offset your Towers Meal Swipes.You’ve played that cover of ‘Wonder Wall’ at least three times now outside of Ann’s and if you have to tell people your name, major and where you’re from one more time you’ll combust. We know who you are because we’ve been you before.

We know that the first semester of classes you’ll struggle at times. That essay you wrote the night before in high school probably won’t get you the same grade here. You’ll set three alarms the night of a midterm and still be late to class. Take a breath and don’t let these occurrences deter you from the best years of your life. It might seem like there’s no one who knows how you’re feeling but a simple “Hello!” in the hallway or next to your neighbor in class might be the start to a life-long friendship.

That being said, be prepared to never speak to some of the people you meet this week ever again. You’re all testing the same waters and it’s ok to abandon a ship or two if an individual makes you feel uncomfortable.

With this new found freedom away from home comes responsibility that rests on your shoulders. Pressures will come and go both academically and socially, but to feel that you’re alone in the matter is a dangerous mistake. Your parents may not be as easily accessable of this newfound freedom, but resident life, teachers, tutors, the writing and counseling centers on campus more than makes up for it if you’re looking for help.

You may be tempted to go home on weekends or stay on campus after classes and that’s fine if you can get a load of laundry done and home cooked meal in once in a while. But don’t forget that this whole city is yours for the taking, not just Duquesne. With Pittsburgh racking up numerous awards each year, it’s never been a better time to become an honorary yinzer and explore it with new friends.

Speaking of new friends…

At The Duke, we’re here for you. We’ll be at the women’s basketball games courtside, and on the bus with you to Squirrel Hill or Shadyside. We’ll be there to celebrate your accomplishments and come together in times of crisis. The Duke isn’t a national newspaper and we’re not trying to be. We’re students serving students.

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  1. The Duke is a total joke…. To publish something saying how friendly you are is total BS, when meanwhile when people show up to try and join you are all total stuck-up bitches.. Give me a break! PS the writing quality in this is equal to that of my current 6th grade students in my field placement. Keep it up.

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