Greek Week ends with a music-filled evening

Courtesy of Duquesne Greek Life
Zeta Tau Alpha and Delta Chi were two opposing football teams and cheerleaders for the theme of their dance, and they were the overall winners of Informal Sing and Greek Week.

Natalie Schroeder | Staff Writer


On Saturday, April 14, Greek Week concluded with its final event: Greek Sing. Each sorority was paired with a fraternity, created their own theme and performed on the Palumbo Center’s stage in hopes of earning a trophy.

The event includes two segments: Formal Sing and Informal Sing. Each chapter performed its choice of song, and many dedicated the songs to their sisters or brothers.

Formal Sing opened up the event and included winning performances from Delta Zeta — singing “Hallelujah” — and Phi Kappa Theta — singing “Stand By Me.”

After all 17 chapters sang on stage, it was time for Informal Sing. Unlike the Formal performance, Informal features eight pairings singing hits that call back to the overall theme of the week. With this year’s Greek Week theme of “Let the games begin,” selections followed motifs like Space Jam and Jumanji, and the audience was clearly receptive.

Encouraging creativity were rules restraining show time and defining judging criteria. For example, each show had to incorporate Taylor Swift’s hit song “…Ready For It,” and 75 percent of each pairing’s performance must be sung live and on stage.
Every time the stage welcomed a new act, the audience erupted as sororities and fraternities cheered for their fellow members. Performance after performance, popular songs old and new blared from the speakers, and viewers danced in their seat, singing along. The crowd absolutely erupted when “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama played during one of the performances. Each show had its own originality while also using songs that everyone could enjoy.
After the final performance, there was a short intermission to tally up the points while teams huddled together awaiting the results of the night. Placing third, second or first in any category earned your chapter points toward winning Greek Week. As winners were being announced, loud cheers echoed outside Palumbo, and anyone walking nearby could hear the excitement.

Performers were also judged on banners promoting their acts. Alpha Gamma Delta with Sigma Alpha Epsilon took home gold in this category.

For Informal Sing, the pairing of Alpha Sigma Tau and Alpha Delta won third place with its Jumanji-themed performance. Second place went to Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon and their Space Jam rendition. Finally, Zeta Tau Alpha and Delta Chi’s classic idea of a football game featuring sorority cheerleaders and fraternity football players swept the competition, coming in first place.

Throughout the entirety of Greek Week, points were tallied after each day’s event to determine the overall winners. After all of the Greek Sing awards were announced, winners were revealed to be the sorority of Zeta Tau Alpha and the fraternity of Delta Chi. Both of these organizations may have earned some major bragging rights, but all of the organizations helped raise money throughout the week for various philanthropic causes.

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