Staff Editorial: Peduto receives a letter from students

By Duke Staff

Dear Bill,

We, at The Duke, would first like to congratulate you on your victory and equally express gratitude toward all those who voted in this year’s election. It is with this letter we hope for you to consider the values and issues we care about as concerned citizens and students of Pittsburgh.

Now, don’t think that we’re coming after you, because we’re not. We just hope that the city of Pittsburgh feels a connection with the universities of the city as we do to you.

1. Town hall meeting with college students

After conducting a 100 student poll on the candidates running in the election, only seven students were able to name one of the three candidates. This is not only an issue among our students but a problem all citizens of Pittsburgh have with local politics. We suggest a thought of holding town hall meetings with the focus aimed at university students. In a world where students are spending more time in the digital world than reality, we can still see the benefits of face-to-face interaction.


It is absolutely vital to the growth of our city and its younger inhabitants that expansion in public transportation continue to be a focus. The more we expand the beautification of our city, the more important it is that we as citizens can operate its landscape safely, economically and accurately. This would not only benefit students, but the city as a whole, including those wishing to visit. Key areas to look at are safer bike lanes, larger bus routes and an expansion of the port authority system.

3. Transparency

After the closed doors of Luke Ravenstahl and the back-deals that have recently come to light, we hope that you find it necessary to bring your policies to the public. We’re not asking for complete transparency (we don’t need to know what you ate for breakfast every day), but some would be nice. Which leads us to…

4.Show your true colors

With many political figures, both on a local and worldwide scale becoming more known for what they shouldn’t be doing than what they actually are, we hope that you are the honest ‘yinzer’ you claim to be. We do not need another politician-turned-celebrity.

With these things in mind we wish you all the success you deserve and hope that Pittsburgh and the community will always be at the forefront of your political choices. Good luck with serving your term as mayor.


The Duke