Hauser hired to take over Duquesne diving program

Courtesy of Duquesne Athletics | Duquesne Athletics welcomes Charlie Hauser to the Bluff as its new diving coach. The team will compete alongside the pre-existing swim team in pursuit of an Atlantic 10 Championship.

By David Borne | Staff Writer

The resurrection of the diving program is underway on the Bluff, and Charlie Hauser will be holding the reins.

Charlie Hauser graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2011 and was a member of the swimming and diving team during his four years at Pitt. He qualified for the Big East Championships four times, and was a Big East Championship finalist in 2009 with the Panthers.

After his time competing with the Panthers, Hauser returned to the sport when he became the head diving coach at Chatham University. He has also been an assistant coach for the Pitt Athletic Club since 2007. Hauser had a very successful tenure at Chatham. He was named Presidents’ Athletic Conference Coach of the Year in back-to-back seasons (2015-16, 2016-17) and four members of his Chatham teams were named PAC Champions.

To help get adjusted to his new job, he has spent a lot of time with head swimming coach Dave Sheets.

“I have been fortunate to start working with Coach Sheets right off the bat,” Hauser said. “There are a lot of new things for us both to consider as we shape the program for the upcoming 2017-18 season. Dave has been great in introducing me to people on campus, the team and assimilating me not only into the Swimming and Diving team but Duquesne Athletics as a whole.”

Helping build a program off the ground can come with challenges, but Hauser’s coaching experience has prepared him for a situation like this. He dealt with something familiar his first season as the coach of Chatham.

“When I started at Chatham, while there had been diving in the past, the only member of the dive team was an incoming first-year,” Hauser said. “Her and I both had a lot of learning and growing that first year. Now with more experience under my belt, I’m more confident in my coaching abilities.”

Hauser is confident that his team will be able to overcome any obstacles that come along with being a first-year program.

“There will still be the challenge of figuring out what will work for our team specifically. Every athlete is different,” Hauser said. “I’m sure as a team we will be able to sort out anything that comes our way. The other major challenge we have already faced here at Duquesne was finding a facility for our diving practices. I’m happy to say though that we now have a plan in place that should allow plenty of practice time for the team.”

On top of talent, every coach looks for something different when recruiting. With Hauser, he believes that having a good attitude is equally as important as being talented.

“More than anything else, I think a good attitude is what I look for in a diver,” Hauser said. “A willingness to learn and trust in the process will take a diver very far. While big dives and skill are important, those shouldn’t be the only criteria. I want divers that want to be a part of a team, as well as be successful.”

Contributing to the team will be crucial as the diving team puts Duquesne on the same level as other members of the Atlantic 10, who all have been participating with diving teams in championship events. The Dukes’ swim team has finished a school-best second in back-to-back seasons, and can be aided drastically by the addition of the diving team.

Hauser is excited to join Duquesne Athletics, and looks forward to the opportunity to bring home an Atlantic 10 championship.

“I’d just like to add that I feel honored to be a part of Duquesne Athletics,” he said. “Everyone has been great that I have met and I know that’s only been the tip of the iceberg. I’m excited for the upcoming season and ready to get to down to business.”

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