UPDATE: All charges dropped against Stalker, case withdrawn

Raymond Arke | News Editor

UPDATE: 5/11/17 The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has withdrawn their case against Kevin Stalker, the former incoming Student Government Association Executive Vice President of Student Life. The case is now closed and all three charges against Stalker were dropped. The docket sheet can be found here.


Kevin Stalker, the former incoming Student Government Association Executive Vice President of Student Life, had his preliminary hearing postponed for a second time to May 11.

Police arrested Stalker March 11 on charges of assault, robbery and escaping police custody.

Stalker appeared in Pittsburgh Municipal Court Thursday, however the victim of the alleged assault did not. The alleged assault victim also failed to appear at the original hearing date on March 21.

A judge said that if this individual does not show up on May 11, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will drop the case.

Stalker abdicated his role as SGA Executive Vice President of Student Life on March 24 and a special election was held on April 18 to fill his seat.