Incoming SGA Vice President arrested for assault, escaping custody

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Kevin Stalker, the incoming SGA Vice President of Student Life, was arrested March 11 on counts of escaping custody, assault and robbery.

Brandon Addeo and Raymond Arke | The Duquesne Duke

See the full story on Stalker’s arrest here.

UPDATE: 5/11/17

All three charges against Stalker were dropped and the case is closed.

UPDATE: 4/27/17

Stalker’s preliminary hearing has been rescheduled for May 11.

UPDATE: 3/24/17

Stalker abdicated his position today, and the SGA will hold a special election to fill the vacant position. Read more here.

UPDATE: 3/21/17

Stalker’s preliminary hearing has been rescheduled for April 27.


Kevin Stalker, the incoming Student Government Association vice president of student life, is facing charges of assault, robbery and escaping police custody after an altercation on the South Side Saturday night, just two weeks before he is set to be confirmed by the SGA.

On March 11, Stalker was waiting in line at the South Side bar Pregame at 1501 Sarah Street, according to the criminal complaint.

Officer Reginald Eiland, the arresting officer who was working the South Side St. Patrick’s Day Detail, was patrolling the area on Sarah Street when he observed Stalker take a pair of orange glasses off the head of another male in the line and put them in his own pocket, the report stated.

According to the criminal complaint, Stalker and the other male “began to fight in the middle of the street” before officers intervened.

The complaint said police then told Stalker he would be detained. Eiland briefly turned away to assist an officer with another arrest. However, when he turned back he saw Stalker walking away from the scene.

Eiland said in the complaint that two officers observed Stalker go into a residence at 104 South 16th Street. The officers then entered and placed Stalker under arrest.

He was detained in the Allegheny County Jail from March 12 through March 14, according to a docket sheet.

Stalker and the newly elected SGA officers are being confirmed at the March 26 SGA meeting.

According to a court docket sheet, Stalker has a preliminary hearing set for March 20.

Reporting from The Duke found Stalker was arrested twice before.

The first arrest occurred in May 2014 in Sarasota, Florida. According to an affidavit, Stalker was charged with the misdemeanor of resisting an officer without violence. The case was administratively dismissed after Stalker paid a $165 fine and completed 15 hours of community service, along with attending a one-day pre-trial intervention class.

In 2015, Pittsburgh police arrested Stalker for public drunkenness, of which he was found guilty in the municipal district court. However, Stalker later appealed the decision successfully and was found not guilty by the Court of Common Pleas.

Stalker declined to comment for this story. Current SGA President James Daher also declined to comment.

Zach Landau contributed reporting.


  1. First and foremost; We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. This is a human being. Not an issue or a inanimate object.
    I understand that it is a natural reaction to judge . However, how would you feel if you made mistakes or someone said you had and then you were put on front street. Not everyone’s “stuff” is involving police. Many people have done things or have been accused of things that may embarrass them. Sometimes they may be wrong and other times, wrongly accused!
    An arrest is not evidence of indency of a person or of an offense.
    It used to be only public record when a person had a conviction; not detained and arrested.
    How do we as people want to see our world? Should I throw the first stone from my glass house?
    We are more than the sum of our parts. We are life. Breathing, feeling,
    caring , needing, loving, spiritual beings. If you are putting one foot in front of the other, day by day , class by class, striving to be better than the day before; Your already a winner.
    I believe we should look at the whole picture. Not just the parts that suit us.
    It costs nothing to be kind to each other and lift each other up. The first line in the book The Road Less traveled is : Life is difficult.
    From my perspective, let’s put down the bat, on ourselves and that of our peers.

  2. Why is everyone so upset about this article? I think its great. It lets everyone know what he has done. He might make mistakes, but this is his third time so I think at this point it is becoming less of a mistake and more of a habit. Maybe this will help shape him up a little. I mean its not like this article is slander or anything — its pure fact. Personally I don’t think that anyone that has been arrested three times for the same types of behavior should be in a student government position, so I am glad this article made me aware of what my vice president is like. Hopefully it will open others eyes as well.

  3. This is great. To everyone that thinks this will ruin this kids life it won’t. He will ruin it himself if he doesn’t mature. The reason this needs to be out in the public eye is because he supposed to be the face of our student body. Welcome to the real world kids.

  4. Why is this okay to post? So many college kids get in trouble – you don’t post articles about them. You do realize that this will come up every time someone google searches his name. Way to help ruin someone’s future. He wasn’t even found guilty yet

    • I completely agree. This is pure sensationalism. People make mistakes. Making an article like this will only hurt his future. Whoever wrote this should feel very ashamed. The incoming Vice President should not resign.

      • Maybe once or even twice is a mistake. But the third time?? I think not. Let him rot. There’s people of better quality on campus that are more worthy of his title.

  5. I like him more now tbh, let’s not act like there isn’t a large number of Duquesne students who get in trouble doing stupid things, I know I have. Thanks for being more relatable!

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