Images of Pittsburgh’s response to Biden’s victory

Katia Faroun | Features Editor


Members of the crowd gathered outside of the City County Building held Black Lives Matter flags. President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory is seen by many as a step forward for Black people and other people of color.
Demonstrators held signs showing support for the counting of every vote during the week-long election. Pennsylvania was one of the last states to be called, and demonstrations across the country encouraged states to count every vote, despite Trump’s calls to stop the counting.
Demonstrators marched with various signs depicting hope for the future of the country.
A demonstrator holds a Biden campaign sign outside of the City County Building. The Nov. 7 march started in South Side and ended Downtown on Grant Street before marchers dispersed.
As the crowd dispersed, marchers continued to celebrate by dancing in the middle of Grant Street. Speakers placed on the back of a truck provided the crowd with music.
Marchers carrying banners lined up along Grant Street to listen to a speech given by one of the march organizers. The march began at 1 p.m. in South Side and lasted until around 5:30 p.m., when most of the crowd dispersed.