Last minute Valentine’s Day

By Zach Brendza | Features Editor

If you forgot, today is Valentine’s Day. Did I scare you? If I did, I’m glad you at least know now. Anyway, here’s some help in case you did forget. Just hurry.


  • Jeff’s Flowers: 20th and Penn Avenue
  • Blooms Florist: 2722 Penn Ave.
  • Harold’s Flower Shop: 1 Bigelow Square,  (in the Double Tree Hotel)
  • Fragile Paradise: 813 Liberty Ave.,
  • Oliver Flower Shop: 300 6th Ave.

If one of the triple threat of Valentine’s Day gifts (flowers, chocolates, card) was to sell out first, it’s probably flowers. In your rushed state of rage and forgetfulness, go for these first. Your best bet would probably be to head to the Strip in your search for floral gestures. The places that are listed in Downtown will probably be the hit the hardest. All the suits will have most likely ordered in advance and there will most likely be no flowers left for you to give your Valentine. The Strip will have your back. There will be flower vendors. You will get flowers (most likely). Score. Worst case, find your nearest Giant Eagle. The flowers won’t be perfect, but, hey, they’re flowers.


  • Sinful Sweets: 901 Penn Ave.
  • Betsy Ann Chocolates: 120 5th Ave. # 2
  • Edward Marc Chocolatiers: 1705 East Carson St.
  • Fudgie Wudgie: 1728 Penn Ave.
  • Mon Aimee Chocolates: 2101 Penn Ave.

Chocolate, the great equalizer. This is a gift everyone can benefit from on Valentine’s Day (except maybe if you’re still on a New Year’s resolution, weirdo). Chocolates, much like anything great, have many, many varieties. Sinful Sweets and Betsy Ann Chocolates have their own homemade chocolatesin the Strip and Downtown, respectively. Edward Marc Chocolatiers (Milkshake Factory) is of course a fan favorite with everyone (they have a location in the Pentagon, it’s gotta be good). Fudgie Wudgie in the Strip has their own fudge, if you’re looking for something a little different but equally delicious. Mon Aimee Chocolates, also in the Strip, has crazy selections of chocolates from these United States and 26 other countries. So there’s that. But if you’re looking for the traditional heart-shaped box of candy, CVS or Giant Eagle will suffice. BUT HURRY!


After the first two gift beasts have been slain, the final obstacle left to take down is the dreaded or not-so-dreaded Valentine’s Day card. Gasp. This gift is really up to you on which way to go because there are two options with it: buy a card or make your own. If you don’t think you’re creative enough or don’t have time (I mean, really?), buying a card is your option. But the better option, at least to me, is making a card. It might be lame or cheaper whatever, but I think it definitely means more than buying a card that someone else wrote and you are repackaging as your own words. But that’s just me. Break out what creative tools you have (crayons, construction paper, maybe some of you can even make a card in Photoshop) and get started.