Letter to the Editor: 11/22/2013


In the past several years, as shale production has grown across Pennsylvania, we have also seen the benefits of developing this clean-burning, tightly-regulated resource grow.

Pennsylvania produces nearly 10 percent of the nation’s natural gas, and the industry supports nearly 230,000 jobs statewide. Across our region and around the country, we are using more natural gas to fuel our economy and improve our environment than ever before.

A great example of utilizing this homegrown, abundant energy resource is right here on Duquesne’s campus—the clean-burning natural gas turbine in the university’s cogeneration plant. Producing 85 percent of the fuel used to power Duquesne’s facilities, it was a landmark project when it was constructed and is still applauded as a model of sustainability on a college campus.

Increased use of natural gas across the commonwealth and the country resulted in a recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report that greenhouse gas emissions are plummeting, with a 10-percent drop in just two years. And according to federal government data, CO2 emissions in the United States are at a 20-year low—thanks largely to expanded natural gas production and use.

We have seen firsthand that we can protect and improve our environment while creating jobs — especially in the manufacturing sector — lowering consumer energy costs and strengthening American energy security. It is strides like these on Duquesne’s campus that will continue to ensure we achieve these shared goals. As the facts demonstrate, it’s a false choice to suggest that we cannot.

Dave Spigelmyer
President, Marcellus Shale Coalition
Pittsburgh, Pa.