Make a statement with your mask

Griffin Sendek | Multimedia Editor

Ashley Newman | Staff Writer


This year, like everything else, fashion is looking a little bit different than the usual — but that’s no excuse to not have a little bit of fun with your fashion choices.

As we all know, face masks have made a seemingly permanent appearance in our outfits, and will for the foreseeable future. Even though everyone is wearing a mask around campus out of necessity to keep themselves and others safe, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your mask choices.

Wearing reusable cloth masks is not only good for your bank account and the environment, but they can also spice up your outfits. You can find these masks nearly everywhere at this point: grocery stores (like Giant Eagle or Shop ‘n Save), clothing stores (like Old Navy or Target) or even drugstores (like CVS or Rite Aid). Of course, you can also find them easily online.

Staples are always good to have in our closets. Staples for masks include some basic designs or colors that can suit almost any outfit or setting. These could be solid colored masks that will match anything (black, white, gray or any color that you frequent a lot) or classic patterns that always work (polka dots, plaid or stripes.)

Patterned masks are where the real fun begins. For this fall, find classic fall looks to wear on your face. For example, a flannel mask will be both practical (for when it gets cold) and stylish.

Another fall pattern that’ll look great is delicate florals; a dark mask of navy, black or burgundy pairs beautifully with light florals like white, pink or yellow. Patchwork is also in this fall. Maybe also find a mask that gives quilted vibes.

Sequined masks are also a fashion statement. If you’re looking for a flashier option, opt for a mask with sequins, sparkles or beads to really stand out in a crowd.

Griffin Sendek | Multimedia Editor

To style your mask with your outfit, you can either make a perfect match or an unlikely pairing. Of course, you can always wear a dark green mask with your favorite dark green sweater (or insert any color there), but to mix it up, try to pull out complementary colors. Dark green or navy looks beautiful with a pastel yellow; burgundy works great with light pink; and rose is gorgeous with a light blue.

Stay safe this fall and remember to have fun with your fashion!