New Season, New Look: Fall Fashion brings old, new trends

By: Georgie Flynn and Carrie Garrison | The Duquesne Duke

As the seasons change so do the clothes. With summer coming to an end, we forget about the care-free days of short shorts and flip flops and return to layers of sweaters, scarves and boots. Fall fashion is coming up with many exciting new trends that anyone can pull off and find at their local or national retailer.

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Many trends from last fall and winter are returning to the scene as we prepare for this new autumn season. Items such as sweaters are more than a necessity. Not just simple light jumpers, but thick, warm sweaters are an important staple.

“I cannot wait for actual sweaters. Like, real chunky sweaters” said Kelsey Matisko, 22 year-old-employee of Panello Boutique in Lawrencville.

Chunky sweaters are easily paired with any stylish item or accessory.

“A really big fashion trend is oversized sweaters paired with leggings and little booties,” Matisko said.

This fall concept is extremely functional. Rolling out of bed and effortlessly pulling on your cutest leggings while throwing on a chic sweater and boots will always grab attention in the best way.

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Photo by Aaron Warnick | Photo Editor

Prints are making a colossal transition. Instead of a simple animal print, the fashion industry has made a strong and innovative move.

“A lot of nature inspired prints are in right now, like birds and feather prints,” said Diane Applegate, manager of Jupe Boutique in South Side.

Prints aside, colors are very important and provide many options. Jewel tones are still popular such as wine and burgundy colors.

Angie Chilcott, employee at Pavement in Lawrencville, noted the colors of the season.

“I’m obsessed with wine, deep purple, teals, crèmes, grays and blacks,” Chilcott said.

Neutrals like grays and blacks are quite popular this fall season aswell.

Tom Michael, president of Larrimor’s in Downtown, noted the importance of neutral colors.

“Women’s clothing changes all the time. Neutral colors are more in style when compared to bright colors. Women’s fashion is back to grays and off-whites,” Michael said.

There are plenty of color options. You can go with neutral tones like blacks and whites, or branch out to trendy colors such as royal purples and regal burgundy. Another color to watch out for this season is berry. New York fashion week highlighted the resurgence of the color berry for the autumn season with designers like Marc Jacobs.

These color options are wonderful, but another pattern which can be translated into cut outs on shirts and dresses are geometric shapes, such as rectangles, squares and triangles.

“A lot of geometric patterns like chevrons, stripes and abstract geometric prints are in right now,” Applegate said.

Geometry might have been the most boring class ever, but geometrical shaped patterns were popular this past summer. Geometric shapes have pushed the envelope and have made the jump from prints to cut outs.

“Geometric cut outs in dresses are a huge deal,” Matisko said.

Mixing textures with these geometric shapes is also a trend.

“Faux leather details on knit sweaters, dresses and tops are in style,” Applegate said.

Clothing items, such as leggings are getting the geometric treatment with the mixture of unique materials. Leggings with faux leather cut outs with striking sharp lines help create shape and can easily be the center of an outfit.

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Photo by Aaron Warnick | Photo Editor

Men’s fashion is taking a more classy turn. The timeless casual look of denim jeans and a dress shirt is still here, but it can be taken to the next level.

“Men are paying more attention to the trends and fitting in with fashion fearlessly,” said Jenn Gooch, owner of Werk in Lawrencville.

“Men are more interesting in taking care of themselves and taking that extra step to get things that are fitted for them,” said Pageboy Salon and Boutique’s front desk manager, Alexis Canoy.

Instead of men carelessly putting on a pair of baggy distressed jeans and a band t-shirt with Chuck Taylors, men are taking better care of themselves. They have exchanged sneakers for oxfords. The resurgence of fashion magazines geared toward a male demographic has caused men to thankfully see the light.

“Men’s clothing is trimming up. Men are trimming up their slacks to give a fitted look,” Michael said.

Men are no longer wearing the box-shaped suits of the ‘90s and are searching for a fitted suit which shows off their shape. It is no longer fashionable to wear clothes that are baggy and unfitted; a fitted suit for a man is much more appealing in this day and age.

“Fitted clothes just make everyone look good,” Canoy said.

Male celebrities from across the country such as David Beckham, Ryan Gosling and Robert Pattinson have all helped pave the way to a better more fitted suit for men. This example famous men are setting is showing that many men are seeking out a tailor to alter their outdated dress shirts, pants, and blazers.

“Men see Justin Timberlake on TV and they are like ‘Oh, that’s how a suit should fit,” Gooch said.

It only takes a little time to get a dress shirt or suit hemmed and tailored. With a fitted suit, you will stand out among the squares.

“Spend that extra 10 dollars to take something in, because you will feel better about yourself,” Canoy said.

Anna Ciacciohad, buyer and merchandiser of Boutique la Passerelle in Downtown offered essentials for a man’s closet.

“Men should have five things in their closet – a fitted blazer, a black v-neck, a white v-neck, dark wash denim jeans and distressed denim jeans” Ciaccio said.

Jewel tones, sweaters, and tailored looks are everywhere and can be found at any retailer. Spending that extra money on a few essential pieces for this coming season is a good idea and will help you stand out among the autumn leaves.

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