New Duke series to investigate common concerns


By Duke Staff

Higher tuition. Cramped living spaces. Food prices rising and quality declining.

Ask an average Duquesne student what they think some of the problems on campus are, and they’re likely to name one, if not all, of those listed. As an independent voice for students on campus, we take our role seriously and so we would like to introduce you to a series we’re calling Duke Deep Dives.

Over the course of the semester, we plan to bring you serious, insightful looks into campus’ common complaints. The series starts this week with our news article on the increasingly crowded dorms, forcing students to triple and quadruple up. In the following weeks we hope to inform you about Duquesne’s food prices, tuition hikes and other issues that impact your campus life.

What we hope to accomplish should not be viewed as a source of negativity, but rather, in-depth and fair examinations of what students themselves often talk about. Campuses across the country face similar issues — Duquesne is by no means unusual.

Through interviews with experts, students and university officials, we want to shed a light on how Duquesne students feel about their life on campus and the decisions of the university. This in hopes that administrators will take note of how to better serve the greater Duquesne community.

Our role is to lend a voice to our community, and to quote Edward Murrow, “tell the truth and fear no man.”

To tell the truth for the students stuck in a rooming situation that is less than ideal or uncomfortable.

To tell the truth for the students who struggle to meet the rising tide of tuition.

To tell the truth for the students with dietary or religious restrictions trying to find a campus dining facility that meets their needs.

Each of us on staff truly enjoys our Duquesne experience and are proud of our school. We want to see it improve and succeed just as much as our university leaders do, and by highlighting the issues shaping current students’ Duquesne experience, we can create a better campus for future students together.