New Duke series to investigate common concerns

New Duke series to investigate common concerns

10/04/2018 By Duke Staff Higher tuition. Cramped living spaces. Food prices rising and quality declining. Ask an average Duquesne student what they think some of the problems on campus are, and they’re likely to name one, if not all, of those listed. As an independent voice for students on campus, we take our role seriously […]

Alcohol offenses spike on DU campus

By Jen Cardone | The Duquesne Duke  Liquor law violations on campus increased again in 2013, according to the public safety department’s annual security and fire safety report. During the 2013 calendar year, there were 654 reported alcohol violations on campus, 194 more than the amount in 2012. There were also 15 liquor law arrests, […]

Leaked photos cause privacy controversy

By| The Duke Staff In light of the massive uploading and sharing of numerous private celebrities photos, choice words have been used to describe the event that perhaps reveal even more about our society and it’s relationship with Hollywood. What’s the difference between a ‘scandal’ and a ‘sex crime?’ ‘Public’ and ‘publicity?’ ‘Hacker,’ ‘cyber bully’ […]

Celebrating our laborers

Cartoon by Katie Borzelleca

Retailer showcases ignorance towards history

By|Carrie Garrison Zara, a leading retailer on the high street, reflected today’s generation of ignorant Millennials on Wednesday, Aug. 27, when it unveiled, and quickly revoked, its children’s pajama shirt that closely resembled a Nazi Holocaust uniform. The pajama shirt, entitled the “Sheriff” shirt, was white with blue horizontal stripes and a yellow star on […]

Spreading awareness for suicide saves

By Carley Thieret| Opinions Editor Judgements. We all have them. We judge others for the way they dress, the way they speak and the way they act. Our society puts so much focus on what is on the surface that often times we forget what is underneath. Unless we really know someone, we have no […]

Extracurricular involvement vital to success

By Joey Sykes|Student Columnist The phrase “get involved” has probably been thrown your way by parents and relatives before you headed off to college, however long ago that may be. It’s starting to become somewhat of a cliché now, but heeding those words can have a tremendous impact on someone’s future.Before getting into details, what […]

Ad campaign aimed to spook smokers

By Sam Leon|Student Columnist We’re being scared smokeless. In the past two years, the CDC, or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has taken a strong approach to anti-smoking advertising. It has released several installments of its personal, engaging campaign named “Tips From Former Smokers.” The commercials feature real people—often chronically and seriously sick […]

Challenge changes mind

By Carley Thieret|Opinions Editor The ALS ice bucket challenge. You’ve all seen friends, family and even celebrities dump water onto their heads and challenge others to join in or opt out by donating to the unknown acronym, ALS. But what are these people doing and why are they really pouring gallons of water on themselves? […]

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