New year, new games: Console games to be released in 2014

By: Saúl Berríos-Thomas | Layout Editor

Now that the dust has settled from the Console releases it is time to look ahead to the games on these machines. The fad has swung from zombies to aliens as 2014 seems to be the year of the alien video game.

With that in mind the first game to look at is Alien: Isolation. This appears to be the most authentic extraterrestrial video game ever. The game based on the Alien movies puts the player in the story and will take the player on a roller coaster of emotions. This game is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of 2014. The Left 4 Dead team (Turtle Rock) is also working on a new alien game called Evolve, which is exciting for fans of the series.

Besides aliens, there will be several familiar names invading 2014 as well. Gamers are excited to see what happens to their favorite titles once they are transferred to the new platforms. Games like Metal Gear Solid 5, the latest Hitman installment and a re-rendered Tomb Raider are on the way, but this discussion begins with Halo. While not much is known about the new game it is clear gamers will have this game in 2014 and the series has been the cornerstone of Xbox gaming for years so it is likely that this title will be the selling point for the new Xbox console.

Some of the new names in gaming have garnered the most attention for 2014. Titanfall is an interesting game that is made by a crew that had previously worked on the Call of Duty series. The game looks amazing visually and the gameplay is something everyone in the videogame industry is talking about. Set in a distant frontier torn apart by war, Titanfall gives players the freedom to switch between fighting as elite assault Pilots or agile, heavily armored, 24-foot tall Titans. The game is set to be released in March and should utilize some of the new technology of the now-established consoles to show how powerful they really are.

Another interesting title slated to release in the second quarter of 2014 is Watch Dogs. This beautiful game has the character using futuristic technology to hack his way through a giant world doing good deeds to try to help the people in this future dystopia. The combination of a Grand Theft Auto with an Assassin’s Creed could create a game that changes the gaming world forever.

However gamers choose to enjoy 2014 it is going to be a great year. These new games, which will be available on the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Wii U, are going to open up possibilities for videogames that were never even considered before. The new releases this year will lead to even more amazing games for years to come as the battle to be the first to figure out how best to utilize the new technology and the new-age gamer escalates to an all-time high.