Pittsburgh Humanities Festival offers conversational art

by Mia Lubrani | staff writer

March 24, 2022

The Pittsburgh Humanities Festival offers Pittsburghers the chance to step out and partake in a series of intellectually stimulating events. The festival began on March 21 and will run until Sunday, March 27.  in the Pittsburgh Cultural District. Here is a list of opportunities for students, kids and adults to come together and discuss relevant cultural events.

What is it?

The Pittsburgh Humanities Festival events take place specifically at the Byham Theater, Greer Cabaret Theater and Trust Arts Education Center. There is a carefully curated array of presentations planned for the audience. These talks will maintain more of a conversational tone, allowing viewers to contribute to the discussion along with professionals. 

Topics of discussion are both relevant and varied for anyone thinking about heading to the Cultural District. Pittsburgh’s history, policies, politics, racial inequities, drag culture, Shakespeare, food, art and more is expected to be included in the event throughout the week. 

How much?

It only costs $10 for a “conversation ticket,” allowing buyers access to 14 events with one purchase. For students, the conversation pass only costs $5 to learn about Pittsburgh’s interesting content. 

What’s up next?

Some highlights include Shit-faced Shakespeare presenting A Midsummer Night’s Dream on March 25. This play, presented at the Byham Theater, is a comedic twist on the original Shakespearean story. The cast will also be holding a conversation about the process of engaging with the work of Shakespeare on Saturday, March 26 at 3 p.m. 

Live music is also being offered in the Greer Cabaret Theater on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday of the festival. 

Tickets are available on the Trust Arts website.