Police Briefs

Uncle PB was surprised at the way Duquesne students responded to last week’s article about liquor law violations. He is very familiar with the situation, and he wants to make a few things clear.

It is not that our students drink more alcohol than students at other schools. It’s about how strict the policies are, and here on the Bluff, DU Cares is making sure everyone in the vicinity of alcohol gets help addressing the problem.

With that being said, there were seven more liquor law violations this week.

An underage intoxicated student was transported to UPMC Mercy on Thursday from St. Martin Hall. Another student from the same building was transported for treatment the following day.

Late Friday night, an intoxicated female student in Towers was transported to Mercy, and early Sunday morning, another was found intoxicated off campus at Pizza Vespucci and returned to campus.

Two intoxicated males were found on the city steps, another was found on a Seitz Street bench and one was found exiting the loop bus early Sunday morning.

Marijuana was confiscated from a room in St. Martin on Tuesday morning, and paraphernalia was confiscated from a room in St. Ann Hall the night before.

A person exiting a dark two door vehicle outside of the Union stole a bundle of newspapers last Thursday.