Page 7 Sidebar — Feb. 15, 2018

Compiled by Sports Editor Adam Lindner Duquesne Briefs — Duquesne’s swimming & diving team will compete at the A-10 Championship from Feb. 14-17 in Geneva, Ohio, at SPIRE Institute. Duquesne enters the conference tournament with an 8-1 record in dual meets, including a perfect 6-0 tally against A-10 competition. — Following two consecutive second-place finishes […]

Police Briefs

Uncle PB doesn’t deal well with goodbyes. As members of his prestigious crime staff graduate from the police academy and move onto greater adventures, ol’ PB can’t help but smile. As Dr. Seuss said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Uncle PB applauds each and every one of you for your continued […]

Police Briefs

A quick tip from Uncle PB: If you are driving on Forbes, and the Barnes and Noble is on your right side, you are going the wrong way. One person wasn’t sure of that early Monday morning, and drove the wrong way with no headlights on, nearly striking a Duquesne police car. The perpetrator was […]

Police Briefs and Bluff Briefs (November 7, 2013)

Police Briefs It was one of the weirder weeks in crime, and Uncle PB is a little appalled at the creativity of the offenses. Alcohol violations are one thing, but trucks of marijuana and loading dock sleepers? Happy Halloween, sort of. It all started last Wednesday morning when a pickup truck traveling down McAnulty had […]

Police Briefs and Bluff Briefs (October 24, 2013)

Police Briefs Uncle PB has a new set of wheels. The public safety department must have finally recognized his hard work and given him what he’s wanted all along: a chick magnet. Now, the ladies say “Look at that style” when he rides by College Hall. Or so he thinks. Regardless, check out the new […]

Police Briefs

Uncle PB was surprised at the way Duquesne students responded to last week’s article about liquor law violations. He is very familiar with the situation, and he wants to make a few things clear. It is not that our students drink more alcohol than students at other schools. It’s about how strict the policies are, […]

Police briefs

Back in the days of Windows 95 and AOL email, Uncle PB could barely write the weekly crime report because of all the pop-ups and spam mail. It wasn’t a pleasant time. Not a day went by without PB denying a mail-order bride. But at least those times have long passed, right? Not quite. Last […]

Police Briefs

One of Uncle PB’s all-time favorite movies is Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, which follows Pee-wee Herman on a journey to find his stolen bike. PB remembers taking his kids to the movie theater to see it, back when popcorn was $1 a bucket and there weren’t a dozen Coke commercials beforehand. Regardless, someone decided to channel […]

Police Briefs- September 12

Now that the semester is in full swing and professors are starting to assign those pesky paper deadlines, the amount of crime on campus is at an all-time low, seemingly. With only two crimes to report this week, Uncle PB was forced to find other things to occupy his time. So he hopped on the […]

Police Briefs- September 5

In result of Labor Day festivities last year, Uncle PB had to recite 19 incidents in the police report. This year, he counts only six, which is a cause for celebration. And luckily, he bought a superfluous amount of confetti at Party City because of the Pirates capping off their first .500 season since George […]