Police briefs

Back in the days of Windows 95 and AOL email, Uncle PB could barely write the weekly crime report because of all the pop-ups and spam mail. It wasn’t a pleasant time. Not a day went by without PB denying a mail-order bride.

But at least those times have long passed, right?

Not quite. Last Thursday, a student reported receiving a large check from the Philippines after he answered an unsolicited email job offer.

Needless to say, the student didn’t get to keep the money. Look out for frauds, kids.

To continue this week’s police report, there were three thefts. A book bag and Mac Book Pro was stolen from a student last Wednesday in the study lounge on the second floor of the Union. On Sunday in Off Ramp, a student’s wallet was thieved, and the next day, a student’s bicycle was stolen from Duquesne Square.

Also, during a fire drill on Monday, a student was found with marijuana paraphernalia. On Tuesday, marijuana and paraphernalia were found by an RA in Vickroy.

Did you think this week’s report was alcohol-free? To round out in crime, early Sunday morning, a highly intoxicated underage student passed out on the sidewalk of Seitz Street near the basketball court. The student was transported by ambulance to UPMC Mercy.