Simple fashion tips for the men of Duquesne

Courtesy of GAP Throw on a demin jacket to add some function and style to your look.


Josiah Martin | Arts & Entertainment editor

Courtesy of GAP
Throw on a demin jacket to add some function and style to your look.

If and when Pittsburgh actually sees a fall day, you’d best be prepared to dress for it. In a devastating blow to Duquesne men, it’s time to put away the Vineyard Vines T-shirts and chino shorts. I know, it’s frightening, but don’t worry, here are some tips for cool fall style.

Firstly, your standard fall colors are still in style, but don’t be afraid to play with muted blues as well. Whereas brown and green jackets are still the standard go-to, a blue button-up shirt underneath or some classic denim outerwear are not as rare a sight as they have been in recent years.

Also, let’s talk about cuffed pants. It’s still in style, but if it’s fall, you might be wearing boots and you might be wearing taller socks. Don’t cuff your jeans far above the ankle when the warm footwear time comes. You’ll look like Santa Claus in capris. Have some respect for yourself.

Speaking of pants, as men, our fall options typically range from dark jeans to slightly darker jeans. This year is no exception, but as we experience an overall men’s fashion shift toward slightly more formal clothing, feel free to get a nice pair of pants in black or gray. If you’re feeling bold, maybe start exploring some plaid-patterned pants, but perhaps we’ll save that for fall 2020.

Don’t be afraid to get formal. Grab a darned blazer. Grab a nice coat. You’ll get mileage out of it while you can layer different things underneath this season. The sweatshirt-and-ragged-brown-coat fall look has been gone for quite a few years. Get some slim sweaters that fit well and one or two nice jackets to go over them.

Also, the time has come to stop fearing the scarf. Women’s fashion had its scarf resurgence with a debatable degree of success. A moderate-length knit scarf in a dark fall tone will be perfectly fine in the later months, and is an easy way to really spice up your latte, if you catch my drift.

Fall is not a difficult season to dress for. The color scheme is well-defined and well-known, the clothes are typically comfortable, functional and warm and you’ll only need them for a few months. So grab the essentials, suit up and drink some cider. Autumn is back, everyone!