Fall makeup look book

Colleen Hammond | Opinions Editor


Colleen Hammond | Opinions Editor

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel lipsticks add a pop of color to complete any look.

Fall has arrived and brought an iconic, retro-inspired makeup look with it.
The year’s global fashion weeks featured makeup styles from the ‘60s and ‘70s. This season, makeup gurus will be sporting eye makeup straight from the 1960s. Soft, gold eyeshadow is a must if you want to recreate this look. Thick, bold lashes will help secure this vintage look. Playing with dramatic eyeliner shapes is not out of the question this season.
To achieve this look, I typically use the winning combination of Urban Decay’s “Naked Honey” eyeshadow, Too Faced’s “Better ThanSex” Mascara and E.L.F.’s black liquid eyeliner. All three stay in place all day and are fairly easy to apply. A two minute YouTube tutorial can make you an expert in any of these products.
Make sure to pair it with the season’s hottest trend in makeup: bronzing. Bronzing is one of the most difficult trends to master. You want to appear as if you have that end-of-summer glow without overdoing it and looking pumpkin-like. There is a fine line between a bronzed beauty and a full face of orange, caked-on makeup. To avoid this beauty blunder, simply replace your current blush with a bronzer. This will give your cheeks a lovely fall look without giving the impression of a bad spray tan.
My favorite ways to get this look is with a small amount of Jergens Natural Glow Face Moisturizer. It keeps my skin slightly tanned without orange undertones. For a day-to-day look, I use the Naked Flushed palette. The bronzer accentuates my pale complection without overpowering my face.
Compliment your ‘60s golden eyes and ‘70s bronzed glow with dark, neutral lips. This season’s trend is all about balance. If you tend to stray away from heavy eye makeup, try a bolder lip color to spice up your look.
I try to avoid heavy eye makeup in my everyday life because I naturally have dark circles and deep set eyes and have instead embraced the bold lip. The best lipstick collection of the season is, without a doubt, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Collection by Revlon. Not only do the lipsticks keep their color all day, they come in a set of red and a set of nudes, perfect for this season’s looks.

Despite all the buzz around the “it” look of the season, one trend will never go out of style: healthy skin. Clear, youthful and healthy skin is at the root of all makeup looks, yet perfect skin is nearly impossible to achieve for most young women. Women are constantly searching for a quick fix for pimples, dark spots and any other blemish you can imagine, and I am no exception.

For years I struggled to combat my own skin troubles with every drug store remedy in the book to no avail. This is because there is no single solution or magic pill for clear skin. Everyone has different skin structure, texture and oil and hormone levels. This makes it impossible to prescribe one product for everyone.

The best skin care advice I can give is to see a dermatologist. There is a reason their field exists, and there is no shame in seeking professional help for skin issues. No drug store face wash can replace the power of a prescribed topical solution or oral medication. I can recommend products until I am blue in the face, but everyone’s skin is different and cannot be treated exactly the same.

The only universal advice I have found is to drink plenty of water and protect your skin with SPF daily. All other factors vary from person to person.

From ‘70s bronzing to glowing skin, this season’s makeup trends are sure to inspire makeup addicts and amateurs alike.