Spring 2021 makeup and hair guide

Griffin Sendek | Multimedia Editor


Model: Olivia Babyok

For what feels like forever now, there’s been no need to worry about putting makeup on the bottom half of the face. With the increased rollout of vaccines and the glimmer of life returning to normal, unfortunately, the days of half-done makeup are coming to an end. In case your hair and makeup skills have faltered over the past year or you’re looking to freshen up your new look for the new season, follow these helpful tips.

Contour and Highlight

A crucially important step to upping your makeup game for the spring is applying contour and highlight. It can be tricky to perfect, but if you’ve been putting off learning how to properly highlight and contour, what better time than now where a mask will hide any mishaps or improper blending. When it comes to blending, the goal is to avoid any and all harsh lines. The contour needs to be seamless to create a natural look.


When picking a blush, you want the shade that matches the undertones of your skin. It’s far more important to pick a blush that adequately compliments the tone and texture of your skin before seeking your favorite color. Different shades of blush will all have different subtle effects, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Combing your first layer of blush a slightly darker shade can help brighten the cheeks and better accentuate the rose glow of the first shade.

The texture of the makeup itself is incredibly important — keep in mind how two products might mix on your skin.
For example, if a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer is your go-to, try adopting a cream blush as opposed to powdered. Powdered blush over liquid foundation can be difficult to properly blend and can end up looking patchy. However, if powdered is your only option, make sure to apply a base of setting powder before adding the blush.

Apply with a brush to the apples of the cheeks and blend together evenly with the foundation, then contour and highlight all the way to the hairline by the ears to achieve a seamless natural flush.

Avoid overapplying. The goal is some natural rosiness, not to look in a constant state of immense embarrassment.

Model: Rachel Parshall


Spring is the time to bring out the warm and light colors. When it comes to lipsticks and gloss, a deep red or darker mattes might be perfect for the dead of winter, but for the calmer tenor of springtime, aim for lighter shades to match — pinks, peaches and neutral tones are perfect for the season and pair well with light makeup looks.


The sun is finally out and here to stay, so why not match its energy and bring on the gold? Doing a gold or shimmery eyeshadow not only brings out the eyes, but is brilliantly brought to life the moment sunshine peeks through the clouds.

If you’re doing winged eyeliner and they aren’t long enough to take flight, you’re doing it wrong. Once you start the wings commit, go big or go home.

Thick and voluminous lashes are wonderful but aren’t always ideal for every season. Light and feathery lashes are wonderful for the springtime. Go a little easy on the mascara and wing the outer corners for the lighter, wispy look.


The season of spring is all about transition, as the snow begins to melt and the sun once again peaks from behind the clouds.

In the colder months, more time is spent inside away from wind and motion where a more styled hairdo can be expected to remain for the most part intact. For the spring, think of ways to do your hair that can stand up to a little bit of abuse and still look good as it begins to fall out. A half-up, half-down look is extremely simple to do and can be styled with a scrunchy that complements the rest of the outfit and remains a low-maintenance look.

Model Sofia Robinson

When all else fails a ponytail is your best friend. Whether it’s a sleek high pony or low and messy, a ponytail will always work with any spring look.