St. Ann Hall

Year Built: 1963-64
Price: $3,329
Capacity: 520 residents
Years Allowed: freshmen
Room Types: singles, doubles, triples
Laundry Facilities: on first floor of each wing
Bathroom Facilities: communal, in each wing
What’s New: Replaced doors on all rooms, bathrooms renovated over past few summers

Real thoughts from real students:

“St. Ann’s is pretty quiet on the ground floor at least. Fairly peaceful experience for myself. We had an infestation of sweat flies at the beginning of the year that was never fully taken care of. They like to hide in the showers and wait for you.” — Nate Zema, freshman

“My favorite thing is that St. Ann’s is an all-freshmen building, so you get to know people. It’s inconvenient that we only have one lounge and one laundry room.” — Lydia Henninger, freshman

“The bathrooms are nice, and I like the overall security of the building. I wish there was a common area to hang out with people on your floor.” — Sarah Klitsch, freshman