The Most Honest 2018 Housing Guide

 Home is where the heart is.

Although moving in on your first day of college may not have felt very homely, over the time you spent there, that dorm became your home. That is what makes choosing where to live, either for the first time or the fourth, so vital. Your dorm will be where you will make friends, cry over finals and laugh until your abs hurt. It will become your place to run away to — or to get away from — but at the end of the day, it’s home.

With all of this importance of housing in mind, The Duke presents to you our 2018 Housing Guide. In this issue, we have detailed all the information about the Living Learning Centers on campus, as well as real thoughts from students currently living in those buildings. We give you the good, the bad and the ugly in order to better inform your decision on where you will call home next semester.

Not only do we include on campus living, on the last page of our guide we have ads from current landlords looking to rent out apartments in case that is the path you’d rather take. Just remember, all freshmen and sophomores must live on campus.

A quick explanation of our fast facts: The capacities are based on estimations, so depending on how rooms are filled and what the incoming freshman class size is, these may change. While laundry locations are different in each building, the facilities are free throughout campus. Finally, all prices listed, aside from Des Places and Brottier, are for a double with two residents — the standard room. Des Places’s prices are for a two-bedroom suite with four residents total, and Brottier’s price is for a 12 month lease for a furnished one bedroom.

From here on out, it’s strictly the words and opinions of current students. We hope you’ll take this information with you and make the best educated decision to make your stay at Duquesne a little more pleasing.▪

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