St. Martin Hall

housing-martins-bedroom1Year Built: 1961
Price: $3,113
Capacity: 485 residents
Years Allowed: freshmen
Room Types: singles, doubles
Laundry Facilities: on each floor
Bathroom Facilities: communal, on each floor

Real thoughts from real students:

“There’s a computer lab right in the lobby, which was pretty convenient. And it’s relatively close to everything, so it’s a good location, too.” — Daniel Campanyo, Senior

housing-martins-bedroom2“I didn’t like the layout of the building. It wasn’t set up for social interaction at all. The rooms are all in a line next to one another, and I think it would have been more fun to have rooms on both sides of the hallway, rather than having a study room across from you.” — Emily Echard, Sophomore

“The computer lab and gym are very convenient — it’s so nice not to have to walk all the way across campus for that.” — Marisa Germinario, Freshman

“The size is pretty good, and everything fits together pretty well. The views are also gorgeous. Mine overlooks the river. We did have a cockroach problem, which is pretty gross. But there’s nothing you can really do about that. The walls are also pretty thin. If someone laughs, you can definitely hear them.” — Jennie Dyer, Freshman

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