Student COVID-19 Relief Funds

The Duquesne Duke Archives

Katia Faroun and Kellen Stepler | The Duquesne Duke


In a message sent to all students Wednesday afternoon, Duquesne President Ken Gormley announced that the university will be distributing funds to every student to provide assistance in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The university received roughly $14 million as part of the American Rescue Plan act of 2021 — the most recent stimulus package provided by the federal government. The funds were provided to the university in order to help them cover costs incurred by the pandemic and to provide aid to students in need of additional assistance. 

So far, the university has distributed funds to students with qualifying financial needs twice. However, the university will now be including every student in their distribution of these funds, including international students and students without financial aid. 

Full-time students who have already received aid from Duquesne with funds from the stimulus package will receive an additional check of $1,250. All other full-time students will receive $1,000, and part-time students will receive $500. 

“We have prudently managed our funds this year, and our students and their families have been nothing short of fabulous in helping us complete this academic year safely and productively,” Gormley said in an email addressed to all students on Wednesday. “For that reason, I’m proud to provide this much needed help, because we are all a family at Duquesne.” 

The grants will be posted to students’ accounts on Monday, April 19, and physical checks will start being distributed to students on Thursday, April 22. Students can also opt to have their grants direct-deposited by enrolling before April 18. 

Junior pharmacy major Lia Ferraccio said that the email provided “very exciting news that is just the morale boost [she] needed.” “Free money from Duquesne? Unheard of,” Ferraccio said. 

“Finally getting something more than just a couple wellness days in return for all the hard work we put in.”