Student’s claims of kidnapping, assault discovered to be false

By Kaye Burnet | News Editor

A female Duquesne student who told police she was kidnapped near campus then sexually assaulted reported false information, according to Pittsburgh Police spokeswoman Sonya Toler.

Toler said, “Claims that the student was taken from campus have been unfounded. The investigation has not yet determined what did happen to the student.”

Last month, the student reported to police that she was walking in the 1000 block of Watson Avenue behind the power center when three men approached her and forced her to go into an apartment near the City View Apartments, according to the crime alert sent out by Duquesne Police on Oct.28. The woman told police the men took a credit card and money from her before releasing her.

Police have now determined that the student’s account of events was false, but Toler said no charges will be pressed against her.