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PA Starbucks arrest highlights larger race problem

PA Starbucks arrest highlights larger race problem

Ollie Gratzinger | Opinions Editor 04/19/2018 The Starbucks in the Union is the epitome of a community hub; students stop in to meet with friends, grab a drink, do some studying or just hang out. It’s always busy, with lines out the door and drinks piling up on the end counter faster than their owners […]

With Baltimore protests, racial gap expands

Duke Staff The events of the partly cloudy and breezeless morning of April 12 still remain a mystery. We know that Freddie Gray ran from police. We know that he seemed to be in relatively good health at that point. We know that he ended up in a police van. And we know that after […]

Staff Editorial: Victim earns money, police pay small price

By Duke Staff Four years after this young man was wrongfully arrested and beaten by three Pittsburgh police officers, justice has finally been served in the judicial system. The question remains, however, for Jordan Miles, now 22: Is the ruling fulfilling? In January 2010, Miles was walking in Homewood at night when three white police […]