Vickroy Hall

housing-vickroy-bedroomYear Built: 1997
Price: $3,287
Capacity: 283 residents
Years Allowed: sophomores*, juniors, seniors, grad and law
Room Types: two-room suite-style
Laundry Facilities: on each floor
Bathroom Facilities: one per suite
Kitchen Facilities: new for the 2016-2017 year, the Vickroy Multipurpose Room will feature a full kitchen stocked with appliances, coffee machines and kitchenware

Real thoughts from real students:

“I really like it. The halls have low-lighting, so it’s pretty calming when you get off the elevator. It’s really nice after a long day of class. It’s quiet, and no one bothers anyone else, but no one is mean either. I plan on living [here] next year too.” — Sammi Kantz, Sophomore

housing-vickroy-bathroom“I like the location of it. I like how it’s right in the middle of campus. I also like the size of the rooms. And I like how there’s a bathroom in the actual room, too, and how you don’t have to use a communal bathroom. I kind of wish that the showers were a little bigger. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot I don’t like about it.” — Lynea Csefalvay, Sophomore

“I love the quietness in Vickroy plus the extra space is really nice. But I really don’t like how difficult it is to control the temperature in my room.” —  Ellie Platt, Sophomore

“I like that there is a lot more storage space than most of the dorms.” — TyRhae Taylor, Sophomore

“The shower is really, really small, and the light in our room isn’t very bright.” — Sammi Kantz, Sophomore

*[This guide originally listed sophomores as eligible to live in Vickroy, but it was brought to our attention that this assertion is incorrect. We apologize for the mistake -Ed]

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