Vickroy Hall

Year Built: 1997
Price: $3,494
Capacity: 283 residents
Years Allowed: sophomores, juniors, seniors, grad and law
Room Types: two-room suite-style
Laundry Facilities: on each floor
Bathroom Facilities: one per suite
What’s New: All furniture and carpeting replaced in 2015, new kitchen on first floor

Real thoughts from real students:

“I like that the rooms are a decent size. We have our own bathrooms which is nice. It’s funny how all the rooms are different sizes. They’re all awkward shapes.” — Katie

“I like the kitchen. [Vickroy] is convenient, it’s close to classes. A little update could do [the bathrooms] some good.” —  Joe Kelley, Junior

“[The rooms] are really big and spacious. It’s quiet too. It would be convenient to use different entrances, even if only 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Especially out the sides.” — Jeremy Landau, Sophomore