Circle-K International gives back to community

Nicholas Zotos | staff writer. Students spent their evening putting packages together for those in need.

by Nicholas Zotos | staff writer

Feb. 17, 2022

The spirit of giving never ceases here on the Bluff. This much was evident as students crowded in the NiteSpot on Wednesday, Feb. 16 to join Circle-K International in making warmth kits. 

According to its website, Circle-K International was founded in 1934 and “empowers college students through service to local and global communities.” The club here on campus is similar in this regard, hosting outreach events and volunteer services for students all across campus. In fact, their latest initiative of making warmth kits was a huge success. 

“Today we are making warmth kits for homeless individuals in and around the Pittsburgh area. We are going to make forty plus bags and donate them to St. Vincent De Paul Charity. They should be distributed next week and we are very confident in the impact they will make for individuals who are living out in the cold,” said Gram Hepber, Treasurer of Circle-K International.

Each warmth kit was equipped with a variety of different utilities including: a drawstring bag, soap, mylar blankets, socks, mints and a toothbrush. It is the clubs hope that these tools will make people who need them feel more comfortable during the winter season. 

“Warmth kits are essential for Pittsburgh’s homeless community. They are usually done around winter time and are distributed almost every Sunday. The charities that we donate to tell us how much they appreciate what we give them. Plus, when we create these bags it usually pulls everyone around campus to help,” said Jack Hosteler, Vice President of Circle-K International. 

“I’m excited about the amount of people here. It is our hope that more people join Circle-K from learning about events like this. It’s a great club and an efficient way to accumulate service hours,” Hosteler said. 

Both the executive board and the members of the club were present and efficiently finished the event in under an hour. Each member contributed by placing the items in each bag and properly packaging them to be distributed. 

“I am very satisfied with the service we did today. It was a great event. Circle-K does a lot of community service and good things in general for the Pittsburgh area. Honestly it feels good to give back,” said Shaelyn Walker, a member of Circle-K. 

The event was a success, and highlighted a unique sense of kindness and service here on campus. There is always something unique happening on the Bluff, and this latest event reminds us of the love and compassion we garner in serving others. 

“We are proud to serve our community and we are always looking for new members,” Hepber said. 

For those interested in joining Circle-K, the club meets every other Wednesday in the NiteSpot; Email for more information.