Guide to Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District


Griffin Sendek | Features Editor

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Gallery Crawl returns to the Cultural District Friday, Jan. 25, and as always is showcasing a tremendous amount of art galleries, performances and events from Pittsburgh based artists. Per the usual, it is also completely free to attend.

The gallery crawl only comes around a few times a year, and is never the same twice. If you happen to miss it this Friday, it won’t be coming back around until late April, so now is the time to bear the cold and witness some of the best art this city has to offer.

Almost 30 different events are scheduled for Friday evening, and while it would be amazing to be able to witness them all, not everyone will have either the time or energy to do so. Therefore, I have taken the liberty of sifting through the events listed on the website and picked out the top few, hopefully helping to make 2019’s first gallery crawl a little less daunting and more fun for you and your friends.


Refik Anadol — Wood Street Galleries

I have never once walked out of Wood Street Galleries disappointed. Every single artist Wood Street puts on display has always showcased spectacular work that stretches the conceptions of what art really is. Refik Anadol’s featured work embeds media into architecture, seeking to be some of the most transformative contemporary art ever seen.

Glow Gallery — Trust Arts Education Center

Black lights make everything better right? Stop on the third floor of the Trust Arts Education Center to witness mesmerizing black light art. Your unrealized potential as a graffiti artist is calling! Come to add your very own tag to the glowing graffiti wall.

Cell Phone Disco — Tito Way

Not to be confused with the silent disco, the cell phone disco combines science and art by capturing electromagnetic fields given off by mobile phones and visualizing them onto a 16 by 16 foot LED light screen.

Silent Disco — SPACE Gallery

Ever been to a club and not like the DJ’s song choice? Do you love to dance but cannot stand when the music is ridiculously loud? Do you absolutely love the idea of wearing dope light-up headphones? If you listed yes to any and all of the above, the silent disco is just the thing for you! If you have been living under a rock and are not in the know about silent discos, they are just the same as any other disco, except the music comes out of sync-up head
phones passed out to each patron.

Water Cube — Penn & 8th

All this jaw-dropping art leaving you thirsty? Have no fear, for the U.S.’s first public sparkling water fountain is located on Penn & 8th. Don’t let the bubbles scare you away, the water cube also caters to those who prefer still water.

10 Futures — 937 Liberty

The future is all around us. Come see it fully realized with collection from ten different artists in a variety of mediums. Artists create their own world with every piece they create; visit the first floor of 937 Liberty Avenue to witness 10 unique artistic takes of what the 21st century might hold.

Emmanuel Panagiotakis — Emmanuel Fine Art Photography Gallery

Photographers and fans of the photographic medium shouldn’t miss Emmanuel Panagiotakis’ fine art gallery exploring the beauty of the architecture and landscape from his native country of Greece all the way to Pittsburgh.

Culinary artist chef Nicolas Saxon — Braddock’s American Brasserie

Do not think that this celebration left out the oh so crucial culinary arts. Culinary artist Nicolas Saxon is showcasing cooking demos as you enjoy live music and drink samples from Mixologist Mike Marts. It is really something to sink your teeth into.

The gallery crawl takes place from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 25. Do not let the weather slow you down, grab your hat, scarf and gloves and take part in one of Pittsburgh’s best art events.