Local artist Caleb LaDuke launches second EP release “R”

Capri Scarcelli

A&E Editor


Talent is teeming in Pittsburgh; with the steady rise of independent artistry in the music industry, 25-year-old Indie/Hip-Hop artist Caleb LaDuke holds nothing back for his second EP release entitled R.

Graduating from Geneva College in 2018, the Pittsburgh-native singer moved to Nashville to pursue his love for music, soon given the opportunity to perform his work.

His first EP release, GiRLS, became streamable to the public in June with over 70,000 streams. LaDuke said that the tone of this EP was “tough” compared to R, with this EP putting a heavier emphasis on healing and redemption.

“This EP release [R] means a lot more to me,” LaDuke said. “This one is about my ex-girlfriend’s daughter, and how I’m healing from the relationship and finding peace from God. I think here I’m more true to who I am because I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I want the audience to take from this experience and see my journey.”

Showcasing his sensitive side, LaDuke said R is “a chance for the audience to get to know [him] better.”

According to LaDuke, his passion for music was sparked by a simple guitar riff he overheard in his dad’s studio when he was just 12-years-old. LaDuke said he loved the sound, and wanted to learn more about music, eventually building a love for it as he became more invested.

By the age of 15, LaDuke found himself writing and performing his own work, inspired heavily by RnB and eventually working his way into rap and now a “dark Hip-Hop base.”

With the help of artist manager Samantha Funderlich and producers SEJOHFROGI and Chris Binsfeld, LaDuke was able to develop his sound and furthermore grow as a person and an artist in the industry.
“Life experience affects the quality of music,” LaDuke said. “It takes discomfort to get to where you need to be.”
In the early stages of an independent artist’s career, a challenge faced when expanding your platform, according to LaDuke, is constant comparison.
“Seeing where other artists are will hold you back and discourage you, thinking you won’t get as far as them. It takes patience and harnessing that creativity to let the music unfold,” LaDuke said.
With the help of Funderlich, LaDuke was able to become more “business-minded” in his career, taking his status and musicianship to the next level.
“I hope for [R] to get big, it could be the launching point.” LaDuke said. “I am blessed and honored to have this opportunity; I hope this EP impacts and helps people, and that they have their own experience with some good music.”
R will be available to stream on Spotify Oct. 14. More information on LaDuke’s musical journey can be found on his website: www.calebladuke.com